POOOLIPRINT Unveils World’s First Inkless Printer For Smartphones

December 30 20:30 2021

The new portable inkless printer is compatible with all kinds of smartphones and uses thermal printing technology to print photos, images, to-do lists, notes, PDF & more

POOOLIPRINT has unveiled the world’s first inkless printer that allows users to print physical copies of photos, images, PDF files, and more from their smartphones. The PoooliPrinter™ works by using thermal printing technology to create physical copies of the digital files, thereby saving users from costly polaroid refills and messy ink cartridges.

According to POOOLIPRINT, the brand set out to make these revolutionary printers to provide people with a simpler and cheaper printing solution that can accommodate most of their minor printing needs.

“We designed Poooliprint™ thermal printers small, stylish, and much cheaper to use regularly than digital printers. Be it for work, study, travel, arts, and craft projects, or just for fun, your prints will last for years to come!”

From small notes, reminders, and recipes that can be placed on fridges to PDF files, artworks, and photographs, POOOLIPRINT assures all its customers that the portable printers are capable enough to produce pleasing prints and rich colors.

“You can also use the printer to create fun labels that will help you keep your home, office, and even schoolwork organized. It’s the easy way to create the organization system you’ve been dreaming of.”

Through the use of the free POOOLIPRINT mobile application, users can also customize their projects in different ways. 

“Whether you’re looking to create your ideal bullet journal aesthetic, take your scrapbooking to the next level, or even create your daily to-do list – the Poooliprinter App can do it all, and more!”

The brand has a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with up to 75% of voters describing it as an excellent product. Below are some specific reviews by apparently satisfied users.

“I am pleasantly surprised how well it works for making basic stickers and labels. I feel like I may upgrade in the future to the larger formatting and more detailed version 2, but version one is working out great for small projects.” – Kate L Mergener.

“I love my Poooli printer! It’s so convenient for bullet journaling. The app is super easy to use and the paper quality is great! I highly recommend this printer for any art project.” – Jill Stebelton.

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