Nashville Dryer Vent Cleaning Implements Five-Step Process To Reduce Fire Risk

December 30 20:15 2021
Clogged and dirty dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires. Jacob Mills offers an efficient five-step cleaning process for customers throughout the Nashville area.

Dryer Vent Tech and Jacob Mills are pleased to announce that the Nashville dryer vent cleaning firm has streamlined its cleaning process to provide fast and effective services to customers in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Dryer fires, mold buildup, and poisoning from carbon monoxide are serious risks of dryer vents that are choked with dirt and debris. Dryer Vent Tech is the one-stop-shop in Nashville and the surrounding area for everything related to system maintenance for dryer ventilation.

The company is five-star rated and fully insured to provide comprehensive vent cleaning maintenance. The proper care of dryer vents is vital to the safety of the home. It ensures no hazards linked to poorly kept dryer duct systems. Many risks are linked to poor vent maintenance, but many Americans are unaware of the dangers. It is important to get professional dryer duct care and cleaning done at least every twelve to eighteen months in order to avoid mold buildup, fires, and other issues.

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The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) reports more than 15,000 dryer fires with 30-plus deaths and many more injuries annually. In addition to the cost of human lives, the fires result in more than $200 million in property damages each year. The major contributor to dryer fires is vents that become clogged, usually with lint. The Dryer Vent Tech pros are skilled at thoroughly cleaning the vents, including removing debris and lint blockages that could potentially cause a fire.

There are numerous benefits of maintaining a well-serviced dryer vent. Dryer Vent Tech offers professional maintenance services that cover all possible areas of dryer vent upkeep, including comprehensive cleaning and code compliance inspections, repairs, vent installation, and exterior vent cover installation. The technicians can provide bird nest removal, bird-proofing, booster fan installation, and rerouting a dryer vent.

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Dryer Vent Tech helps properly maintain dryer vents, saving money on energy costs. Good maintenance lowers the risk of mold and carbon monoxide poisoning. The trained and certified technicians are efficient and affordable. 

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