Blue Atlas Marketing Launches New Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance Services

December 27 16:42 2021
Blue Atlas Marketing Launches New Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance Services
Blue Atlas Marketing has just introduced state-of-the-art ADA compliance website development and design services along with free ADA-compliance audit.

Leading digital marketing and website development company Blue Atlas Marketing is pleased to announce that it has recently launched new web accessibility and ADA compliance website development and design services for businesses across the United States. The company is offering cutting-edge AI-based Accessibility solutions for automatic adjustments for assistive technology.

Blue Atlas Marketing is also extending a free ADA-compliance audit service for clients.

ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act entails regulations for making certain services or features on a website more conveniently accessible for users with disabilities. ADA-compliant features and services help to expand a reach of a website to a broader range of audience, decrease bounce rates, as well as improve rate of lead conversion by a great extent.

In an exclusive interview, Nate Stockard, the President of Blue Atlas Marketing shared that they help brands to ensure ADA compliance throughout their websites. According to his statements, ADA-compliant websites are legally required, especially for Title I (businesses operating minimum 20 weeks a year with at least 15 employees) and Title III businesses (important public services like banks, hotels etc.).

“We are excited to share that we are now providing ADA-compliant services and ADA audit services for websites of all sizes and functionality”, stated Stockard.

The ADA-compliance website design and development service offered by Blue Atlas caters to 4 major guidelines:

  • ADA Title III Compliance
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
  • Section 508 Compliance

“Our ADA-compliance service for business websites is based on the major pillars of WCAG Guidelines and Accessibility Requirements that are driven by the mission to ensure seamless access to everyone. Our state-of-the-art ADA-compliance website design is founded on the ‘POUR’ standards, which aim to make your website- ‘Perceivable’, ‘Operable’, ‘Understandable’, and ‘Robust’.”

A major advantage that separates the ADA-compliance service offered by Blue Atlas Marketing from that of the others is its incorporation of the next-gen AI technology in the service. After making the necessary structure and design adjustments to a website (for ADA compliance), the company deploys AI technology to fill the gaps for new content and other advanced coding parts which might not be simple to adjust.

“Our accessibility interface is intelligently designed to be user friendly for all users and it enables users to manually change the visual appearance of the website, as per their specific individual need or disability. Our advanced backend program utilizes the cutting-edge machine learning technology to help with complex adjustments that are needed to support keyboard navigational tools and screen readers. Our AI-based system will analyze your site and match behavior and elements to a number of previous encounters to find out the purpose and function of elements on a webpage. Based on that, we will execute the essential code adjustments to inform screen readers or site visitors about the contents on the page and the purpose of every element.”

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