CD BioGlyco Released Custom Glycolipid Synthesis Services for Customers Worldwide

December 24 20:45 2021
CD BioGlyco recently announced the release of custom glycolipid synthesis service to customers all over the world.

New York, USA – December 24, 2021 – CD BioGlyco, a biotechnology company that offers a full range of glycobiology-related products, analysis, custom synthesis and design to help advance glycobiology research, recently announced the release of custom glycolipid synthesis service to customers all over the world.

Glycolipid is the lipid of carbohydrates connected by glycosidic bonds. Their role is to maintain the stability of the membrane and promote cell recognition. These carbohydrates are found on the surface of all eukaryotic cell membranes. They extend from the phospholipid bilayer to the aqueous environment outside the cell; the phospholipid bilayer serves as a recognition site for specific chemical substances, helping to maintain the stability of the membrane and allow cells to attach to each other to form tissues.

Glycerolipids have multiple biological activities such as antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-atherosclerosis, and are found in animal nerve tissues, plants and microorganisms. Glycolipids have great potential in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. Possible applications include the use of natural glycolipids or their analogues as anti-infective agents or vaccine adjuvants, or encapsulation of certain drugs. Current areas of scientific interest include the synthesis of various types of glycolipids, the biological evaluation of glycolipids, the determination of conformational relationships, and the structural analysis of natural glycolipids.

Over the past year, CD BioGlyco has played an important role in the biological process. Supported by cutting-edge facilities and professional team, CD BioGlyco can customize and synthesize different types and different modified glycolipids. Services at CD BioGlyco include but are not limited to the following technologies:

• Highly pure and homogeneous samples can be obtained through advanced purification and detection technology.

• Glycolipids can be synthesized with fluorescent labeling on the functional groups of lipids and/or other compounds. Other modifications including extension and truncation of lipid chains, introduction of other compounds to replace lipids, and glycosyl sulfation can be provided upon request.

According to the official speaker from CD BioGlyco, their services can be applied in cell recognition and interaction research, drug delivery system development, function and structure research of glycolipids and pharmaceutical and biomedical research.

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