Pioneer in the Field of Circular Economy – Zheng Xirong

December 23 23:39 2021

During the 14th Five-Year Plan, the construction of China’s ecological civilization has entered a critical period in which carbon reduction is the key strategic direction, green economic and social transformation is promoted, and ecological and environmental quality is changed from quantitative to qualitative.

The development of a circular economy is an important way to ensure the security of China’s resources, and it is also an inevitable choice to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. It is necessary to unremittingly promote green and low-carbon development, establish and improve an economic system for green, low-carbon and circular development, and promote all-round green transformation of economic and social development. In this process, we must grasp the source of resource utilization, promote total resource management, scientific allocation, comprehensive conservation, and recycling, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

In this critical period of vigorously advocating circular economy, a large number of experts and scholars in the field of circular economy have emerged in China. They shoulder the important task of national economic development and ecological civilization construction, and have been committed to promoting the development of circular economy. Among these people, ZHENG Xirong is one of the pioneers in the field of circular economy. Over the years, she has played an important role in reducing material consumption, rational use of resources, and improving utilization efficiency, and has made great contributions to the sustainable development of circular economy.

ZHENG Xirong said that at this stage, combined with China’s national policies, circular economy must not only develop, but also high-quality development. In order to achieve high-quality development of circular economy, it is necessary to promote circular economy to achieve quality change, efficiency change, and power change in innovation and development. That is, first, we must build a resource recycling industry system; second, we must build a recycling system for waste materials; third, we must establish a recycling agricultural production method. As a systematic project, circular economy must explore a development path that meets the requirements of the new era from an overall perspective.

In response to some key and difficult problems in the field of circular economy, ZHENG Xirong grasped the pulse of the times and applied many cutting-edge technologies to the development of circular economy, which promoted the improvement of the level of science and technology in the industry. Circular economy includes two aspects, one is recycling and the other is the economy. It is to achieve sustainable economic development under the premise of protecting the ecological environment, while taking into account both economic and environmental benefits. “In order to avoid the problem of circular diseconomy, ZHENG Xirong proposed that we should adhere to the market-oriented approach, emphasize the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, fully stimulate the enthusiasm of market entities to participate in the circular economy, and enhance the endogenous driving force for the development of the circular economy. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the leading role of innovation in the circular economy; on the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen policy guarantees, improve circular economy laws and regulations, promote the standardized development of circular economy, and promote the formation of a comprehensive green transformation of the economy and society.

In recent years, ZHENG Xirong has integrated modern artificial intelligence, big data, neural network and other advanced science and technology with circular economy, innovatively developed a series of cutting-edge technologies such as “Blockchain Data Management System Based on Circular Economy System Platform”, and vigorously played the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in circular economy. Among her scientific research achievements, innovation is one of her most prominent features. She has a keen innovative thinking and rigorous scientific research attitude. Years of research and practical experience keep her at the forefront of the development of circular economy, and many of her scientific research achievements are recognized by the industry, have a very high influence in the industry, and have been put into production practice, involving many aspects such as material ratio, energy saving and emission reduction, and circular economy system platform data management. These research achievements are of great significance and have promoted the transformation and upgrading of many enterprises and played a huge leading role in the development of the circular economy industry.

ZHENG Xirong has played an important role in vigorously advocating circular economy and promoting the development of the industry. She has made outstanding contributions to the industry and has extensive industry and social influence. Furthermore, she emphasizes that developing circular economy must strengthen policy guarantees, and accurately transform the national-level decisions on vigorously developing the circular economy into a code of conduct followed by governments at all levels, enterprises and institutions, and the people, to fully embody the mutual coordination and organic unity of economic development, resource conservation, environmental friendliness, and harmony between man and nature. Laws and regulations are used to improve, standardize and restrict the social responsibilities and corresponding obligations of the government, society, enterprises and the public in the development of circular economy, so that the development of circular economy has laws and rules to follow.

Finally, ZHENG Xirong said that she will always be based in the field of circular economy, continue to research and explore, to be a pioneer in the field of circular economy, and strive to contribute more to the development of the circular economy industry. 

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