Nitin Pujari Talks About The Astrological Benefits Of Feeding Cows

December 21 22:39 2021

Cows have a very strong spiritual symbolism in Hindu religion. Cows are considered to be the symbol of earth and are one of the seven mothers mentioned in Hindu vedic scriptures. It is also a strong belief in the Hindu culture that 33 crore Gods and Goddesses are present in the cow. And hence cow worship is very popular among the Hindus. 

Based on this belief and himself being a worshiper of the cows, Nitin Pujari of Salasar Dham talks about the astrological benefits of cow worship and feeding the cows. He says, “Cow is a symbol of our mother. And mothers in any form are in the highest order of dedication and worship.” He strongly believes that feeding the needy and especially the helpless animals is one of the best ways to repent for your sins. And since cows have a supreme significance in the Hindu culture, feeding the cows is one of the greatest ways to repent and you get 100 times more benefit from it. Talking about the astrological significance, he further adds, “Feeding a cow is not just an act of generosity and a way to repent for your sins. But it also helps in reducing and overcoming the malefic effects of the houses in your horoscope.”

He also says that “People seeking a child or profits in the real estate business should feed a cow daily. It is also believed that while feeding a cow, you absorb the aura, breath and smell of the cow. Which helps in clearing the negativity in and around you. And also helps in eliminating the negative effects of ‘Rahu’. Nitin pujari further shares that, being near to the cow and absorbing it’s positive energies helps you to get rid of depression and overcome anger. The negative effects of the Sun in the house of your astrological chart can also be reduced by feeling a cow every Sunday.”

Concluding his thoughts on the benefits of feeding a cow Nitin Pujari says, “Apart from the astrological benefits and repenting of sins, feeding the cows also gives you immense pleasure and inner peace. You feel happy about being generous to an animal in need.”

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