ShopK affiliate program is hunting for Key Opinion Leaders

December 21 14:22 2021

ShopK is a online shopping mall in Southeast Asia relying on mobile Internet.

As a new e-commerce mall in Southeast Asia, ShopK covers home appliances, kitchenware, food, maternal and child products, clothing shoes, etc.

ShopK launched in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines, and some of its products from southeast China will also deliver to Southeast Asian countries through international shipping logistics.

ShopK breaks the limitations that can only view product information on shopping software or shopping websites.

People can share links to others in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, simplify shopping procedures, helping people to shop more quickly and easily.

ShopK adopts the new mode of Shop + KOL (key opinion leader)through the social platform to open a new chapter on online shopping. ShopK users can publish their own shopping experience of products on social software such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, so that more people understand user real shopping experience for others to refer.

At the same time, consumers can also directly view user comments of this product through Shopk users sharing, providing support for their consumption behavior.

In today’s economic globalization, ShopK adheres to the trend of the times. ShopK brought Chinese brand into the Southeast Asian market and is committed to promoting China’s brand to the world, becoming a link to connect Southeast Asian consumers and excellent Chinese brands.

In addition to facilitate the consumer’s shopping behavior, ShopK can also make money for users. ShopK users can make money by sharing the product QR code of ShopK online shopping mall on social software such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc!Whether it is a mother who takes care of child at home, students studying in school, or have a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) who have numbers of fans, ShopK users can easily get rewards by sharing QR code!

In the ShopK affiliate marketing, the more people buy goods through the QR code ShopK users share, the more rewards ShopK users will get. This not only close the social distance of users with others, but also ShopK users can also get a considerable income !ShopK is designed to allow more people to purchase quality products with a lower price. When ShopK users’ family / friend / fan passes your share of ShopK, it also helps users’ good relationship effective cycle!Interested in joining us?

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