Promotes 5 of the Benefits of Coliving in San Francisco

December 21 07:42 2021 Promotes 5 of the Benefits of Coliving in San Francisco

Finding a place to live can be an overwhelmingly difficult process. Deciding how much one can afford to spend, choosing the right location, and finding a suitable property all take energy, effort, and time. Coliving has quickly become a viable alternative to single-family home and apartment living even after S.F. co-living startup Starcity taken over by N.Y. firm after pandemic struggles. Below, one will learn about the biggest benefits of coliving spaces.

It’s Convenient

Once one has signed a lease on an apartment or a home, the hard work isn’t over. one will have to get the utilities turned on. Essentials such as gas, electricity, and internet access are important, as is decorating the place so it feels like home. Not only will one have to negotiate with roommates (or figure out house chores for everyone), but one will also have to find a new roomie if one moves out. It takes time to manage a household, but in a coliving space, one will have more time to spend on things one wants to do. Visit this blog for more information on the convenience of coliving.

Coliving is Very Affordable

For those under 30, rent is a month’s biggest expenditure. According to, millennials spend roughly 45% of their income on leases. If one wants to save money, living with others is an easy way to cut spending. Rent isn’t the only factor that drives up the cost of living alone. When broker’s fees, security deposits, and the cost of home furnishings are considered, renting an apartment is quite a financial burden. In coliving spaces, however, rent is much less than that of an apartment—and furnishings are, for the most part, included.

It Comes With a Feeling of Community

Whether one is moving to San Francisco for work or pleasure, it can be difficult to find a new circle of friends. According to a recent survey, 30% of millennials feel lonely most of the time. Coliving addresses that issue by offering a ready-made community of people who are willing to share meals, host movie nights, and provide stimulating conversation. With shared living spaces and private sleeping areas, coliving homes let one socialize when one wishes and enjoy time alone when one wants.

Reduced Financial Liability

Coliving eliminates much of the financial strife associated with having roommates. By leasing individual rooms, rather than renting an entire dwelling with someone one barely know, coliving alleviates the stress of having roommates who move out early or don’t pay rent on time. Because utilities are included in the rent, one won’t have to fight roommates for reimbursement. And, if someone needs to move out sooner than expected, one won’t have to find a new roommate.

Increased Flexibility

If one isn’t ready to commit to an extended lease or buy furniture and appliances, coliving is a viable, flexible alternative. It’s helpful for those who are moving to San Francisco for the first time and want to explore everything the city has to offer.

Learn More About Coliving

Coliving has become popular over the past few years, and for good reason. If one wants the affordability and community feeling of having roommates but doesn’t want to deal with the costs and hassles, a coliving space like Urbanests is a great place to start.

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