Sandra Kelly Has Published Her New Book About Dragons Called “The Dragons Of Decagon”

December 20 23:09 2021
The Dragons of Decagon is an exciting adventure story about how two dragons who were separated and found their way back to each other.

USA – Sandra Kelly has written her book “The Dragons of Decagon” which includes every troupe a reader could ask for. It is a story about life on a distant mountain called “Decagon”. This mountain was made up of ten sides. Each side was beautified by forests, large valleys, rivers, and lakes. Even though each side was different, it was appealing in its way. Every side of the mountain had its charm except one. That side was gloomy, dark, depressing, and very unwelcoming. And hence, it was called “The Dark Side”. Even curious eyes stayed away from it. On it was a black, ancient castle in which the Dragon queen and her eggs were confined. The reason why no one ever left that castle was the horrifying beasts that guarded it. Rainbow was the leader of the Dragons and was the mate of the Queen of Dragons, Pearl. He and his brother Sabre, the leader of the sea dragons, decided to rescue the captured dragon queen by joining their armies. The dragon clan, which was made up of guardians, teachers, warriors, and other talented dragons, protected their land from the invasion of the Wolfcrab. During that battle, they also formed a plan to recover Pearl and the stolen eggs from the prison where they were held captive by Weld the Ogre. This battle took place in Sea Valley that was not far from the Dark side. They used a unique dragon power called scorch, which was obtained by eating a lot of chillies, to win the battle of the Wolfcrab. By the same ability, the dragon clan eventually overcame the dark powers of the ogre and finally took back the castle on the dark side. Pearl and her hatchlings were rescued and were reunited with Rainbow. 

Sandra Kelly was born and grew up in a small village called Boston Spa in West Yorkshire, England. Her family consists of three brothers and a sister. Together they had a fun childhood and made great memories. From a young age, she was a lively child and was fond of traveling. Her adventure-seeking spirit led her to join the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) when she was seventeen. She met and married her husband of fifty-one years, Eddie, when she was transferred to Singapore. It was a beautiful country but what fascinated Sandra was not its beauty but the culture. Their culture was a mixture of dragons, deities, gods, wicked monsters, and demons. It was a kaleidoscope of color and legends. Inspired so much by that culture, she could not get it out of her head. Hence she wrote a book about dragons and this brought forth ‘The Dragons of Decagon.’ Whenever she is not writing, she spends her time in her garden or visiting all the beautiful places her home country has to offer.

Sandra Kelly’s book called ‘The Dragons of Decagon’ is a mixture of dragons, a touching love story, and war. The book has 176 pages and is published by Great Writers Media. It is readily available on Amazon in paperback form.

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