New Digital Asset StandardDAO Set To Disrupt The Global Blockchain Space

December 20 20:48 2021
New Digital Asset StandardDAO Set To Disrupt The Global Blockchain Space
Revolutionary protocol, StandardDAO, officially launches to challenge the status quo in the crypto world by backing every token with a treasury of assets

The developers of StandardDAO, the first standard digital asset (SDA), are not resting on their oars of creating a new experience for crypto enthusiasts and other stakeholders in the financial system as the project is set to officially launch in the first quarter of 2022. SDAs are particularly unique as the only digital currency backed by standard assets, disrupting the norm and changing the perception of the likes of Warren Buffet who have continuously doubted the viability of cryptocurrency.

The world of digital currency has literally exploded over the years, with a plethora of solutions emerging to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Despite the increasing popularity of crypto, a good number of people, including veteran investors and professionals in the financial and investment industry have criticized the use of cryptocurrency, comparing the technology to fiat currency, as they are both unverifiable by real assets. However, StandardDAO is looking to change this narrative by creating a digital asset with underlying real assets.

Standard Digital Assets can be described as the return of the gold standard back, as they are backed by a wide range of standard assets, including Gold, Real Estate, Bitcoin, Fiat, and Ethereum. Backed by an ever-growing, income-generating treasury of Standard Assets, SDA tokens will undoubtedly offer relatively high and stable yields, attracting more people to the fast-emerging crypto space, as it provides the ultimate answer to the worries of potential investors. StandardDAO is also designed to build value in the treasury overtime for the longevity of the protocol, offering yields through staking that are sustained by the strength of the Treasury.

The SDA tokens will be officially launched in Q1 of 2022, with a presale scheduled to be conducted in January to allow early birds to get it on the revolutionary movement.

For more information about StandardDAO and how to be a part of the disruption, visit – The campaign also continues across social media amidst a growing online community on Medium, Discord, and Twitter.

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