JASMINERX4 avoids high electricity bills in mining

December 17 22:21 2021

JASMINER makes mining not pay high electricity bills

This winter, many countries in Europe and the United States will face the risk of power outages

Recently, European natural gas supply is in short supply and prices have soared. Accompanying this is the shortage of electricity in Europe and the increase in electricity prices. Electricity prices in the United States have also shown an upward trend this winter.

Many countries around the world have adjusted their electricity bills, and the cost of cryptocurrency mining is also increasing.

Although the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies have risen, the income of miners is also increasing, and more participants are mining cryptocurrencies. However, rising electricity costs have led to a linear increase in mining costs.

Not only that, due to the “chip shortage”, the price of mining machines has also been speculated very high, which is undoubtedly worse for miners. When browsing the current global mining machine market, you will find that some of the mining machine products that feature “high hashrate” consume power to a panic level, but the actual benefits are not satisfactory. Looking at the current mining machine market, there are only a handful of mining machine products with high hashrate, low power consumption, and high cost performance, among which JASMINER X4-S is a very typical example.

As the leader of “high hashrate and low power consumption” mining machines, JASMINER not only has a substantial increase in product power, but also has a more obvious price advantage. And many consumers choose JASMINER for more than this reason, this seemingly “low-key” player is actually very interesting.

Recently, jasmine announced that it has developed a new generation of super high throughput hashrate Ethereum miner – Jasmine x4-s, which directly improves its hashrate performance to ten times that of the original “trump card product” – Jasmine X4 high throughput 1U server! The hashrate is as high as 5200MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is only 2400W. In addition, JASMINER X4-S also has a very low proportion of electricity costs, in the current case where Ethereum produces 0.0000163 ETH per M day, the currency price is 3808.4681 US dollars, and the electricity fee is calculated at 0.04715 US dollars per kilowatt-hour, the static payback period of JASMINER X4-S is about 333 days, and the shutdown currency price is 32.06 USD/ETH, the electricity bill accounts for only 1%, which undoubtedly reduces the burden on the mining costs of miners.

It is worth mentioning that JASMINER’s current discounts are very beautiful. If you want to choose a reliable mining machine, then it is a good time to choose JASMINER now. Currently, according to JASMINER’s official website, the prices of its three main mining machine products (excluding tax) are: JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is 10,275 US dollars, JASMINER X4 High-throughput server is US$51,375, and JASMINER X4-S is US$102,750.

Mining requires a lot of energy, and the launch of JASMINER X4-S will further reduce power consumption for miners, bring higher efficiency, and achieve the lead among competitors in the industry.

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