Kulfi Software Services Launched A New Software For Creating Forms Using Google Spreadsheets

December 17 16:20 2021
The Google spreadsheet addon which the company has named Kulfi Forms will allow people to create online questionnaires and custom forms for free using the hundreds of templates it has made available

Kulfi Software Services is delighted to announce that it has released new software that will enable people to easily create forms using Google spreadsheets. The new software which the company has named Kulfi Forms is a Google spreadsheets addon with hundreds of templates for creating online questionnaires and custom forms for free.

“Who has the time to create a form from the ground up when you could just utilize an addon? Kulfi Forms contains hundreds of templates that are available for free. It doesn’t matter what template you’re looking for, be it, for that survey, questionnaire, political awareness form, social experiment form, volunteer forms, etc., you will find it on Kulfi Forms.”

The new software comes packed with several customization features that include:

  • Searchable Dropdowns

  • Allow File Uploads, without having the user to sign in to Google Account

  • Accept eSignatures

  • Embed Maps, videos, or any RICH HTML

  • Send Email responses

  • Generate PDF/Word Document and attach them to email responses or store on Google Drive.

  • Easily Customize error/processing messages, background, font, color etc from the convenience of already familiar Google Spreadsheet.

    Complete tutorial video below:

  • Add custom data validation and custom error messages to your forms.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of the Kulfi Forms is the ability it gives users to choose templates, build forms, send them directly from their Google email, and view results using the same extension. While the free version of the software contains all the available templates and lets users save files to spreadsheets, Kulfi Forms also has several monthly subscription packages with more professional capabilities such as generating documents, sending emails, and file uploads.

Kulfi Software Services insists that its team of designing and developing experts are dedicated to developing world-class websites and mobile applications. The software development firm prides itself as a customer-focused company committed to ensuring optimum client satisfaction in all its endeavors.

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