Ivy Lounge Test Prep® Releases Study Guides for the SAT Writing Test and ACT English Section

December 16 20:51 2021
Founder Kristina Semos writes “SAT Grammar Cram Plan” and “ACT Grammar Cram Plan” to teach ALL SAT and ACT grammar and strategies—and dramatically raise students’ scores.

Originally based in Manhattan’s SoHo, Ivy Lounge Test Prep® helps students in New York and around the world get the test scores they need to get into their dream schools—without losing their minds in the process.

And now, for those students who either like to self-study or simply cannot afford private test prep, founder Kristina Semos has authored the most complete, concise, and logical grammar study guides widely available for the SAT and ACT.

The “ACT Grammar Cram Plan” is a beautifully-designed, well-organized, fun-to-read 71-page ebook, which is available for immediate purchase and download at https://www.ivyloungetestprep.com/ivy-lounge-test-prep-ebooks/act-grammar-cram-plan. It contains all the grammar and rhetorical strategies a high schooler needs to nab as many points as possible on the ACT English Section. It’s structured in such a way that a student can simply read through it twice…and finally understand the English language as it’s tested on the ACT—in as little time as possible!

The “SAT Grammar Cram Plan” is the corresponding version for the SAT’s Writing and Language Test: a colorful, efficiently-organized, fun-to-read 70-page ebook, which is available for immediate purchase and download at https://www.ivyloungetestprep.com/ivy-lounge-test-prep-ebooks/sat-grammar-cram-plan. It contains all the grammar and rhetorical strategies a high schooler needs to nab as many points as possible on the SAT’s Writing section. It’s also structured in such a way that students can learn all the hard-and-fast grammar rules that school has neglected to teach them—all in record time before test day.

Neither ebook contains practice questions. Instead, they quickly and efficiently explain ALL grammar for the English language that could be tested on the SAT and ACT. In fact, many adults—including CEOs—have actually used these ebooks as well-explained grammar handbooks for their employees and marketing departments.

About Kristina Semos

Kristina Semos founded Ivy Lounge Test Prep® after serving as head tutor for two different elite Manhattan tutoring agencies…and realizing that SHE was the one telling THEM the latest testing news, the patterns she’d noticed, and the strategies she’d developed to keep her students one step ahead of the tests.

Kristina grew up in Dallas, TX, breaking city and state records for math and general academic achievement. She graduated as valedictorian of Dallas’s Talented and Gifted Magnet High School and then Magna cum Laude from Brown University (MIT was her backup school). She speaks all over New York about test prep and the college process, writes the Ivy Lounge Test Prep® blog, authors test prep ebooks, and reaches students on six continents with the magic of the internet.

More information can be found at https://www.IvyLoungeTestPrep.com/.

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