Peers Portal combines private sharing, earning money, and taking 3D pictures in a single platform

December 16 00:12 2021
Peers Portal, a new app for Android users, lets people share their profile and posts with their Peers only and not with the app’s servers. It also allows users to take 3D pictures and pays them for the views of their posts.

Peers Portal is redefining privacy on social networks after launching a game-changing platform that does it all for users: earn money, take 3D pictures, and share privately online. 

“Concerns about privacy have spiked in recent years, forcing many users to rethink their relationships with social networks and the security of their personal information and what they share online. That’s where Peers Portal comes into the picture.” a company representative said in a statement.

Peers Portal rose to the challenge to address the problem of privacy on social networks by bringing a distributed and decentralized approach, meaning everything the users share is done with their Peers and not the app’s servers. The posts, messages, profile they all share stay private.  

The user’s device stores their profile, posts, and messages; hence the platform won’t ask users for their email address, phone numbers, or even a password. 

“Everything that is shared is done by secure Peer-to-Peer connections, meaning it will be transferred very fast as well,” the representative adds. Peers Portal plans to make the source code publicly available, so that anyone can check that it is indeed a secure and private platform.

This is a cutting-edge feature on social networks which provides users security and assurance that what they share online is only exclusive with those they know and trust and not with entirely complete strangers who would otherwise have different motives on the platform.

Moreover, the platform runs ads on the content that the users share and pays them for the views. This means users get to share and earn money online. 

The game-changing platform also allows users to take 3D pictures with a single camera. The 3D pictures can then be viewed under different angles by slightly rotating the device.

To do this, users have to take a picture and then move their phones to the right, like taking a panorama. Once the second picture is taken, a 3D picture is created by Peers Portal’s brand new technology. Users can zoom in and out of the 3D picture and change how they see it by how they hold their devices. 

In addition, users can react to posts by using Peers Portal’s animated emojis. They can use as many emojis as they like. 

“Peers Portal allows users to share anything they like. They can share their favorite music, pictures, or videos in original quality. They get to do this privately with their Peers and not with our servers,” the representative said. Sharing location is also easy with the new platform.

To get started, users have to create a profile, select a picture, and enter their names. Those who want to learn more about Peers Portal and the impressive features it offers may visit the website for more information.

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