Longevity Brand INVITY Launches World’s First NAD+ Infused Mask

December 15 23:33 2021

INVITY, a Singapore-based longevity research startup, has launched ascientifically advanced age-defying mask, SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask, containing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) and clinical plant actives. 

“We are bringing to consumers the first ever NAD+ infused facial mask in the world, and we are thrilled for you to try it. I believe that this will be revolutionary in the skincare market as the synergy of the ingredients in the product, as well as feedback to date, have proven to shown encouraging results.

As a company, we believe that although aging is inevitable, deterioration of the skin is still optional. We have made it a promise to our loyal skincare lovers that we will constantly search for ways to improve the condition of our skin and aim to achieve this through our suite of products and educational services.” – Eugene He, Chief Product Officer 

With aging, the skin’s NAD+ levels, lipid content and collagen start depleting. Adding to this is poor blood supply which means reduced delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface, leaving the skin looking dull and lifeless. 

Skin is a reservoir for majority of NAD+ and replenishing it is an effective strategy to reverse the dermal and epidermal signs of aging by ameliorating age related cellular damage. NAD+ instantly rejuvenates, hydrates, calms and illuminates the skin by activating skin’s natural cellular defence and energy system. 

Not only is the SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask sustainable, natural and vegan, it also contains plant-derived actives clinically proven to deliver extended skin hydration and is the first in the world to address the 3 cellular root causes of skin aging – Sirtuins, AMPK and ATP. It provides intensive long term true clinical anti-aging support to the skin and stimulates longevity genes Klotho which is the master switch in cellular defence delaying the aging process of skin cells. 

SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is available on myinvity.com. Price: USD55 for 5 masks per box (5 x 22g) 


INVITY is a premium research- and science-based brand founded by nutraceutical industry veterans and longevity scientists. The company’s focus is on the latest developments in longevity research, particularly concerning Sirtuins and AMPK, a consistent theme found in INVITY’s unique formulations to improve biological aging. 

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