Swiss luxury skincare brand Sénsee is taking over the market

December 15 21:51 2021

Since its establishment on the South Bank of Lake Geneva in 1989, the legendary Swiss skin care laboratory has been making skin care products suitable for wealthy European  for more than 30 years. According to the urban environment, climate change, skin characteristics of clients, lab primeetec Sénsee provides highly customized products for clients. The annual customization cost is about 40000 Swiss francs. It is a reputed skin sanatorium for celebrities cross the world.

In 2016, lab primeetec Sénsee decided to break through the limitation of customized personal care and devote itself to developing a set of skin care products suitable for most people, so that more women can enjoy high luxury convalescence. Then Sénsee was born.

ab primeetec Sénsee strong R & D ability can make suitable skin care products for specific groups. 

For a long time, East Asian people have some adaptability problems when using traditional European products. The living habits, climate and pollution of Asians are very different from those of Europe. Asian skin has a relatively high allergy rate to skin care products due to the habit of facial cleaning and air quality problems caused by urbanization.

Sénsee CTC series compounds developed by lab primeetec Sénsee ensure the functionality and shelf life of products without causing allergy. In emerging markets, it quickly defeated the traditional luxury skin care products in Europe and the United States and established a reputation in the Asian market.

Sénsee caviar series products have successfully entered luxury hotels and other major channels in China, and have joined hands with many luxury brands, rapidly becoming a new brand with rapid growth in the East Asian market. Sénsee ‘s success in Asia will continue to affect the performance of the European market and bring new growth momentum to mature markets. After consolidating the Chinese and Korean markets, Sénsee is preparing to enter the Southeast Asian market. Lab primeetec is also developing a product line for the hot climate in Southeast Asia.

When deciding to enter the Asian market, Dr. Primee, founder of Sénsee, said that lab primeetec has accumulated more technology and formula than most skin care enterprises. Lab primeetec is the lab in the world that knows consumers’ living habits best. There are even rumors that LVMH and Estee Lauder group expect to acquire lab primeetec Sénsee as a new supplement to their product line.

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