James Yoxon Releases New Book, “Never Break Up Again”, Aimed To Help Men Improve Their Relationships

December 14 22:30 2021
Successful Entrepreneur And Marketing Consultant Launches New Book Containing Practical Relationship Advice For Men.

Entrepreneur and marketing consultant, James Yoxon, has just released his new book entitled, How To Never Break Up Again – 17 Relationship Advice Secrets For Men. The book provides practical, real-world tips on how men can maintain a healthy relationship with their female partners. It serves as a step-by-step guide to having a stable and fulfilling partnership, a status described by the author as a “power couple.”

According to James, relationships require continuous work and investment in order to flourish. He points out that couples need to understand, learn, and apply certain skills in order to nourish relationships and overcome the challenges that they entail.

“Look at the most successful power couples in the world, they all have one thing in common: They keep working on their relationship! It’s an ongoing cycle!” he said.

The book is geared towards men and aims to help them enhance their attractiveness to their female counterparts. James states that if successfully followed, the tips written in his book can significantly increase the desirability of male individuals.

He describes the content of the book as “relationship advice secrets for men that will make every day with your woman feel like a honeymoon.” He adds, “It will teach you how to boost your woman’s attraction for you ten times more… in three days or less!”

In addition to improved attractiveness, How To Never Break Up Again also aims to develop harmonious relationships among couples. According to the author, the advice provided in his book will reduce the reader’s arguments with their female partners by 90%.

James says that the content given in his book will build ‘unbreakable’ relationships by teaching men effective ways to handle conflicts. He further explains that male individuals have to be able to assess different scenarios and know the right approach to avoid or resolve each one.

The author, businessman and men’s relationship coach adds that the book will rekindle the reader’s affection towards their partners. “How To Never Break Up Again will have you remember how to look at your woman like you did when you first met her,” said James.

More information about James Yoxon’s book, Never Break Up Again – 17 Relationship Advice Secrets For Men, can be found on its official website, https://howtoneverbreakupagain.com/.

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James Yoxon is the CEO & Founder of Live Good Club™ and Brain Water™. He is a Men’s Relationship Coach, Author, Certified NLP Practitioner and a proud father and partner to the family of his dreams.

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