Next-gen Solana NFT art collection Many Mary inspires a unique take on “Mary” and women – launches waiting list

December 14 21:51 2021
Many Mary is a breakthrough Solana NFT art collection that encourages equal opportunities for women to live life on their own terms.

Milano, Italy – December 14, 2021 – Mary was commanded by God to conceive a “son” in her womb when she was just 14 years old. But was that what she actually wanted as a teen girl? Didn’t she have her own dreams about her life? Like Mary, many women are nudged to abandon their own dreams and shape up the life the way others want them to. But, that’s not really fair- isn’t it? In the light of such injustice being perpetrated on women for centuries, a visionary Solana NFT art collection has launched a collection of 7777 NFTs about Mary with a path-breaking take on the much revered woman. 

Titled “Many Mary”, the new Solana NFT platform has come up with an art collection of Mary that  represents Mary in various unique avatars. The platform will officially launch the whitelist for minting in 2022 January and now have launched the waiting list. Interested investors can join the waiting list for free to register for the upcoming whitelist. 

“The idea behind our unique NFT Mary art collection is to instill the thought that what else Mary could have been had she been allowed to live life in her own terms- something which she had every right to do. Like every teen girl, Mary too probably had her own dreams about her own life; we want to inspire the thought that probably Mary’s life could have been different than just ‘Mother Mary of the Great Jesus’ had she not been under the warm pressure of God to conceive a son at just the age of 14”, stated the leading spokesperson from Many Mary. 

Speaking on, the spokesperson said that the new Solana NFT art collection platform is guided by the ethos to pay tribute to women- the sweetest and unfortunately, the most disrespected half of humanity.

“Till this day, women are often denied opportunities for growth and fulfilling their dreams. Even in some so-called modern societies where women are formally considered to be ‘equal’ to men are not given that ‘egalitarian’ treatment in real life. What society still fails to grasp is that women, like men, have their own dreams and the right to fulfill them. They should not be under any sort of pressure or dictation to live life according to how the ‘men’ or ‘society’ dictates them to.” 

While asked why they chose the revered Mary as a theme, the spokesperson explained that Mary has always been venerated in her role of “Mother” to Jesus. But she was always a very special girl and she deserves to be respected and honored for “any role” she would have taken up as per her dreams, goals, or ambitions.  

“We have tried to imagine what Mary could have become without that warm pressure from God. And, at Many Mary, we have tried to represent 7.777 of those dreams through our unique art collection that depicts Mary in various roles which she could have donned had she not been trapped into the typical icon of ‘Mother to Jesus’ forever.” 

The spokesperson also told us that this NFT collection will not be a simple “buy and forget” but much more is yet to be revealed. 

“Our Marys will have methods of use that will lead them to be much more than simple collectible NFTs, imagine buying an NFT and somehow making it an income, an asset that offers benefits other than simply holding it in your own wallet to pick up the dust “





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