Birdental Goes Live On Kickstarter To Teach Oral Hygiene To Kids

December 14 16:08 2021
Innovative talking toothbrush, Birdental, set to officially launch on Kickstarter to teach kids to brush their teeth and form a good brushing habit from a very young age

Birdental was designed by Youtek Inc. as an electric toothbrush that teaches children to brush their teeth, using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver voice instructions to users. The goal of the makers of the toothbrush is to make the tooth brushing experience more fun while giving parents one less thing to worry about.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of parents in different parts of the world is imbibing proper oral health in their kids. Over the years, several resources have been developed to encourage kids to brush properly. However, the team at Youtek Inc is looking to take the experience a notch higher by helping kids find more fun with tooth brushing with the launch of Birdental.

The voice-guided electric toothbrush is designed to teach kids to brush their teeth step by step, using the Bass Brushing Method algorithm to help every child learn the most accurate method of brushing their teeth. The solution comes with a mobile app with animated video instruction, assisting children to follow the brushing steps and ultimately helping them form a good brushing habit.

One of the unique features of Birdental is the humanized, cheering voice coach that not only guides the child but also corrects his brushing postures and encourages the user during brushing, with statements like – “let’s start from the bottom left” and “hi kid. It’s brushing time.” The all-inclusive tooth brushing solution also comes with a Birdental App that shows each brushing area using the interactive video and encourages them with the afterward score, with three modes to meet the different needs of users based on their ages and personal conditions. The app also helps parents check how their kids are doing about brushing their teeth.

The Bass Brushing Technique algorithm is another standout feature of Birdental that records all offline voice instructions. The 6-axis gyroscope inserted into the Birdental toothbrush is also an exciting feature of the device, providing 6 degrees of freedom to measure the rate of turn and the acceleration from six dimensions while detecting the brushing areas and the posture.

For more information about Birdental and to support the campaign for oral health, visit Kickstarter.

About YouTek Inc.

YouTek Inc. is a team of rich-experienced and professional staff who graduated from world-famous universities such as King’s College London and MIT. The company is committed to applying AI technologies to children’s oral care products to achieve the effect of preventing children’s oral diseases.

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