BlockX Network Product Suite for Digital Assets Settlement & Payment for Fintech Institutions

December 14 15:56 2021

BlockX Network has designed a comprehensive blockchain solution that is custom-built for digital securities and cross-border payments. The Blockx blockchain is the ideal network built to attend to all challenges permeating the digital securities issuance and allocation landscape. On BlockX Network, organizations and corporate entities have access to a white-label solution for securities issuance, sales, and exchange.

Multichain Settlement – Data Oracle Link

BlockX Network combines some of the most in-demand attributes in blockchain technology. It is a multichain settlement platform that processes transactions at lightning speed and synchronizes data from on-chain and off-chain sources in real-time through the deployment of the Data Oracle link. BlockX’s multichain settlement combines the full functionality of a highly operational, high efficient chain network, scalable solution, a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, and full customization, project-specific chain ecosystem.

Digital Identity and Compliance Infrastructure

BlockX provides a long-lasting solution to the perpetual contradiction between blockchain technology and regulations/centralization. Securities are regulated commodities, and for this reason, they must be regulations compliant.

BlockX safely secures user information and maintains user anonymity on the blockchain in accordance with the blockchain norm. It also meets compliance requirements by making KYC a requisite for all users on its network. Blockx works asynchronously with the Tokenizer platform, which is a token issuance and primary exchange platform of BlockX. The chain also provides a custodial wallet where users can hold their BCX token in a secure and safe network.

Smart Contracts for Compliance

The Blockx white-label network enables institutions and securities issuers to deploy project-customized smart contracts solutions. This also makes it possible for each project to roll out a project upgrade without having to wait for a general blockchain system maintenance and upgrade. BlockX provides institutions with the avenue to synchronize with other EVM-compatible Decentralized applications, ultimately creating easy accessibility and cross-chain integration.

Asset Tokenization

BlockX facilitates asset tokenization through its dApp ecosystem – Tokenizer – which specializes in blockchain asset and digital securities tokenization. Leveraging Tokenizer, Blockx creates a system of blockchain-powered asset as a business tokenization platform, connecting investors with exciting global opportunities for both active and passive income generation Institutions can easily tokenize digital securities such as real estate, hedge funds, venture capital, bonds, and other forms of real-world asset-backed tokens (ABTs). 

BlockX is also pleased to introduce BCX, its native BEP-20 utility token. BCX has three primary uses:

  1. Exchange Fees: BCX will be used for 50% of each transaction fee on the protocol;
  2. Staking: BCX used for transaction fees goes to a staking rewards pool. A proportional share of this pool will be distributed among BCX holders – the more you stake, the more you’ll earn;
  3. Gas Fee: The gas fee is paid in tokens for every on-chain transaction.

Management Team

The BlockX management team is made up of seasoned experts who shared a combined experience that total over 50 years cutting across sectors in investment banking, marketing, capital, and financial markets, consulting and private equity, AI and AR, and international business in more than 15 countries. Some of the most notable companies that the BlockX team has worked with in the past include Goldman Sachs, Santander, JP Morgan Chase, NYSE, CME, LSE, Nasdaq, and lots of unicorn projects and startups.

The team combines their rich experience and diversified background to build a robust working project that enables investors to make informed business investments in assets and securities.

Project Partners: Exmarkets – IBC – P2PB2B

BlockX has a working relationship with both the Exmarkets and P2PB2B communities and the IBC group. As part of building its network of secondary exchanges and business use cases for its users, Blockx considers these two partnerships as strategic to achieving its overall goal. BlockX aims to continually build key partnerships as it aims to further expand use cases and maximize opportunities for its investors’ community.

Concluding Remarks

BlockX is already changing the face of global securities issuance and tokenization with its purpose-built blockchain network. It is well on the path to becoming the leading innovative solution for blockchain securities over the next decade. BlockX has a product suite that is second to none and offers the complete solution for all institutional and organizational digital securities issuance on the blockchain.

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