Runjeev Ignatius Touted As One Of Hollywood’s Rising VFX Directors

December 14 15:02 2021
The talented VFX Director has left his mark on many impressive videos and recently scored a big break working as VFX Director on Sia & Sean Paul’s music video Dynamite

Runjeev Ignatius has been described as one of the rising VFX directors in Hollywood. The talented VFX director studied screenwriting at NYU’s Tisch and performed script coverage for production companies, including Miramax Films, before moving to Los Angeles to work in VFX while moonlighting as an unpaid screenwriter.

During his upcoming years, Runjeev dedicated his time and sharpened his skill through various projects and screenplays including a drama about a deaf female scientist, a bi-racial musicologist, and a teen questioning his sexuality.

The VFX director has also been instrumental in the production of several music videos, many of which have gone viral and drawn attention to his incredible handling of visual effects.

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was 3 so the music industry was the natural place I gravitated towards.”

Recently, Runjeev Ignatius released his biggest video yet, working as VFX Director on Sia & Sean Paul’s music video Dynamite. Recall that their previous video together, Cheap Thrills, gathered 1.6 billion views on Youtube. The Los Angeles-based VFX director has expressed optimism that the publicity the work would bring him will hopefully usher his transition into writing and directing.

“They say it takes 10 years to see the fruits of your labor pay off and I finally see why paying your decade of dues is a necessity.”

Witnessing the fall of the World Trade Center during his first month in NYC greatly defined Runjeev’s journey. In a world where everything can change without warning, Runjeev gravitates towards stories that unify and bring people together in the face of insurmountable odds. Just like 20 years ago, Runjeev believes pandemic has created a common bond through global tragedy.

“Visual Effects has now reached the level where we’re only limited by our imagination. The big VFX films are here to stay but now is the time to look deeper and see how to visually create worlds that highlight our shared humanity.”

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