Automated Sales Follow-Up by PowrLine Helps Contractors Boost Sales by More Turning Leads into Customers

December 14 18:48 2021
PowrLine enables contractors to boost sales by not letting prospects and leads slip through the cracks. It improves the effectiveness of every member of the sales team. This easy-to-use app’s average return on investment is over 1000%.

According to announcements released by PowrLine and A J Briley, automated sales follow-up and other functions available with this app have already enabled businesses to ramp up sales through targeted follow-up with leads.

The app was launched six months ago. It has already helped contractors improve sales appreciably with no other changes in how they work. DeLaurier Roofing registered the most appreciable positive changes. The company showed a dramatic improvement of 67% in sales close rate over the first six months it used the app. The roofing company sold one to two additional jobs for every two sales it was previously making. Empire Tree in Augusta, GA, is another case study in how this app is helping contractors sell more. The tree care service has clocked a 37% increase in sales after integrating PowrLine in its marketing and sales process.

The app delivers business and sales from prospects who’ve received an estimate but haven’t made a purchase immediately. These are sales opportunities that often go cold. PowrLine keeps such prospects interested and gets them to do business with the PowrLine user. The app is a valuable tool for contractors, especially those that sell big-ticket services like roofs or hardscapes. In such cases, lead generation can be a costly affair, and it is essential to make each lead count.

PowrLine sales automation is more than just a software tool though. The PowrLine team provides service and consulting that facilitates onboarding, improves confidence, and enables each team member to operate at their best. New users receive training and assistance in setting up the app for their company, and customer service is readily available via chat, text, or phone call at all times. Integrating sales automation into a contracting business has never been easier.

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A J Briley of PowrLine has said, “PowrLine is a beautifully simple app that turns leads into ready-to-buy customers using carefully crafted automated sequences of emails, text messages, and more. While there are other software platforms that can automate sales follow-up, PowrLine sets itself apart by offering multi-channel automated follow-up sequences paired with unique phone numbers and email addresses for every user. 

Contractors who are new to PowrLine receive detailed sales process consulting, professional sales copywriting, and live training to get them up and to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. After onboarding, PowrLine is surprisingly simple and intuitive to use, regardless of age, tech-savviness, or previous experience with business apps. 

Lack of consistent sales follow-up is one of the most damaging business problems for contractors today, but most aren’t aware of it. Now that we have case studies (and are adding new ones each month), we’re ramping up our sales outreach. We have to proactively contact and present our case studies to contractors to help them see how many potential sales lack of consistent sales follow-up is losing them.”

About the Company:

PowrLine is a sales automation tool that helps contractors close more jobs in less time. It improves engagement with leads with automated sales follow-up via text, email, and other channels. It also integrates with all major CRM systems to seamlessly add automated sales follow-up into a contractor’s existing workflow, while also helping them to streamline and improve their sales process.

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