SwoleConnect Becomes the First Personal Training Company to Offer Built-In Mental Health Support

December 14 18:45 2021
The company partners with TruthMap, Inc. to enable its members to receive emotional health coaching as part of their fitness program.

SwoleConnect is the first personal development company to address physical and mental health issues by partnering with a next-generation emotional wellness company, TruthMap.

The personal training company understands that mental health is just as important as physical health. They take a holistic approach to their members’ overall health by providing emotional wellness support services. All SwoleConnect members have free access to TruthMap emotional wellness coaching. They will be paired with a CICC certified facilitator that they will be able to meet monthly to discuss goals for their fitness projects and any other life goals they want to achieve.

SwoleConnect’s mission has always been to be a personal development company that enables its community members to discover their power. The purest type of love anyone will ever encounter is self-love, and confronting and conquering one’s fears is the purest form of self-love. Personal power is not found in the absence of fear or an illogical self-image; instead, it is in the action-oriented journey required to overcome anxieties. SwoleConnect’s programs are intended to aid and support its members on this challenging journey.

“As a Veteran, I have experienced first-hand how physical fitness, nutrition and emotional wellness support can change a person’s life. We believe in leveraging the collective genius to bring the ultimate value to the consumer, and I believe we’ve put together a comprehensive package to do just that,” SwoleConnect CEO James Greene stated.

The company has invested in one-of-a-kind, sophisticated equipment that enables its team to study the body at the cellular level. Previously, this technology was only available to Olympians enrolled in residential training programs. Their unique understanding of the body’s ability to utilize various macronutrients for energy enables them to construct the most efficient workout programming available.

TruthMap is the only mental health company using Core Issue Completion Therapy and Core Issue Completion Coaching (CICT and CICC). These therapy and life coaching modalities were developed by Dr. Michael Lukens, a clinical psychologist and emotions theorist. It helps members answer their biggest “why” questions through self-awareness tools and services.

They assist members in identifying self-defeating or damaging tendencies and determining what makes them tick. TruthMap believes that it is not here to make people feel better; instead, they are here to assist people as they improve their ability to feel. In other words, they do not help members escape their emotional anguish and self-limiting ideas but assist them in confronting those ideas.

“Partnering with SwoleConnect felt like the natural next step for TruthMap, Inc.,” shared TruthMap CEO Holly J. Nelson.

SwoleConnect coaches are in multiple training facilities around the nation, and the company is taking applications for new partners. Fitness facilities that want to adopt SwoleConnect’s program can e-mail their inquiry to [email protected].

More information can be found at https://swoleconnect.com/.

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