Law Office of Ray Richards & Associates PLC Brings Top-Notch Legal Representation to Big and Small Time Cases

December 14 17:45 2021
This criminal defense and personal injury firm fights for and protects the rights of people accused of crimes and hurt in injury accidents.

When accused of a crime or hurt in any type of accident, a person’s chance of maximizing a favorable resolution depends on how good of a lawyer his or her attorney is. For the citizens of the State of Michigan, hiring a lawyer from The Law Office of Ray Richards & Assoc. PLC is an assurance that they will indeed get a tried, true, and tested lawyer.

The Law Office of Ray Richards & Assoc. PLC is a Michigan-based criminal defense and personal injury law firm. Founded by Ray Richards, an accomplished criminal defense and trial attorney who has been serving the Detroit area since 1997, the firm has a team of exceptionally qualified lawyers who are experienced in a wide array of practice areas. Richards and Associates, defend clients in areas such as drunk driving, state and federal criminal defense, drug and firearm/weapons violations, white-collar crime, expungements, and appeals. The firm on the personal injury side also specializes in representations in all truck and auto accident cases, wrongful death cases, and terrier torts, i.e., dog bite injury.

The Law Office of Ray Richards & Assoc. PLC owes its expertise and reputation in criminal defense and personal injury to founder and managing member, Ray, who has over two decades of experience defending and representing clients in state and federal courts nationwide. In those years, he’s handled many high-profile cases. Ray represented an alleged top-tier defendant of BMF (Black Mafia Family) – a Federal Mega Case indictment and now subject of the current cable sensation series/feature on Starz. He was also the lawyer for a local legend rapper who was found not guilty after three murder trials/retrials in a successful civil award against a municipality and its police department. Ray also represented the 84-year-old defendant featured in the critically acclaimed movie “The Mule.” He was recently the featured lawyer on the A&E series “Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole,” wherein he freed his client after serving 28 years under the Juvenile Lifer Law case. Attorney Richards has been a member of and led notable personal injury cases in the State of Michigan and abroad, securing significant compensation for his clients injured in auto, truck and animal bite litigation. “Ray makes them pay,” is the motto/charge of the plaintiff personal injury team at The Law Office of Ray Richards & Assoc. PLC.

According to Ray, hiring the right attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of any case. “Having a zealous, talented and highly skilled lawyer doesn’t cost, it pays. Everything depends on how skillful, respected and knowledgeable one’s lawyer is.” “Attorneys at my firm have what it takes to provide strong, effective, and aggressive legal representation for anyone in need. We are dedicated to protecting and fighting for the rights of our clients, no matter how difficult the situation is,” he said. “No case too big, no cause too small!” The criminal defense/trial lawyer attributes much of his success to the strong belief in his faith, a stellar upbringing, and the will to not be outworked. “Detroit made me as a trial lawyer, plain and simple. The Metro Detroit legal community is, in my opinion, one of the best places to learn, be groomed, and grow to become a seasoned, professional, and effective trial lawyer. It’s not for the weak; it’s not for the meek, and sometimes it’s not for the humble, but at the end of the day, if you can try a case here – you can try a case anywhere on the planet and hold your own!”

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About the Law Office of Ray Richards and Associates

The Law Office of Ray Richard and Associates PLC is a Michigan-based criminal defense and personal injury law firm that provides strong legal support for individuals and companies accused of crimes and those hurt in injury-related accidents. It is led by Ray Richards, Jr. an accomplished criminal defense and trial lawyer serving the Metro Detroit area since 1997.

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