Opened in Palm Harbor, FL, Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave Offering West Coast Floridians And Visitors Alike Access To This Cutting-Edge Holistic Wellness Modality

December 13 21:18 2021

Palm Harbor, FL – Opened in March of 2021, Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave is filled with thousands of pounds of pink Himalayan salt, known for its high mineral content, as well as its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Guests to the cave wear comfortable clothing and sit in zero gravity chairs for 45-minute sessions where they absorb the minerals from the salt. 

Halotherapy, or “salt therapy,” has been used for over a hundred years in Poland and other parts of Europe and Asia and is believed to help with respiratory conditions, skin conditions, heart and blood pressure issues, and more. With a growing body of scientific research to support these beliefs, guests will immediately benefit from the relaxation aspects offered by the combination of the salt, the rustic decor, the soothing lighting, and the soft music. 

The Oceanair cave, like its sister cave on Cape Cod and dozens of other caves throughout the country, was designed and built by North America’s foremost expert on Himalayan salt, Dr. Margaret Smiechowski. Dr. Smiechowski began building caves in 2007 before it was commonplace for people to consider salt caves in the United States. Over the decades, she has seen many technological improvements, including salt design and layout, lighting, and music. 

When asked about what makes this cave so unique in a recent interview, Dr. Smiechowski explained one of her favorite improvements. “Each of the caves is slightly different in terms of its style, but this one contains a state-of-the-art climate control system based on the technology used in infectious disease hospitals, making it not only rejuvenating, but extremely safe.”

Dr. Smiechowski noted that as the world heals from the COVID-19 pandemic, she hopes that Himalayan salt caves will provide another avenue of physical and emotional healing after this ordeal, and she hopes that the Palm Harbor cave will play a big part in this with appointments available daily.

In addition to the relaxation sessions, guests may also partake in ionic foot baths, full-body massage chairs, classes and workshops, and shop in the unique gift store, which sells jewelry and of course Himalayan salt products and accessories.

Oceanair is located at 35204 US. Route 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34684. For more information, please visit Oceanair on the web at or call (727)-754-3979. If you would like to open your own salt therapy center please contact Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, [email protected],

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