NextWorld 2021 App & Brands Awards Announced by Qimai Data, Displaying on the Big Screen in New York’s Times Square

December 13 15:48 2021

Recently, NextWorld 2021 Awards was announced by Qimai Data, a mobile product business intelligence analysis platform, together with many investment institutions and media. This is the sixth NextWorld Awards. Three awards of NextWorld 2021 Top APPs, NextWorld 2021 Top Mobile Games and NextWorld 2021 Top Enterprise Services have been selected from multiple dimensions. In addition to providing services for mobile Internet enterprises, Qimai Data expects to join hands with 2021 representative and outstanding products/enterprises to attract more overseas attention, helping these brands spread and go abroad.

As an Industry Spotlight, Displaying on the Screen of New York’s Times Square

As the Internet develops from commercial innovation to hardcore in 2021, Qimai Data, based on the power of data, insights into mobile Internet enterprises and products from a third-party perspective. Ninety-eight brands winning NextWorld 2021 Awards stood out from 14 sectors, including shopping, entertainment, games with influence, mobile games and enterprise services. They won the favor of the market for their product and technology strength and were displayed on the iconic Reuters screen in New York’s Times Square. Standing at the crossroads of the world, they showed their breakthrough innovation and core strength to the world.

Paying Tribute to Models and Focusing on New Changes in the Industry

Since its inception, the NextWorld Annual Awards has attracted extensive attention from developers, media, investors and other industry participants. It has been held for six consecutive years, and many strength products have won the award. Qimai Data aims to promote the development of the mobile Internet industry by praising and promoting representative and outstanding products/enterprises in different sectors and categories.

In this extraordinary year of 2021, enterprises are competing in the stock, constantly trying to collide and merge in the vertical field, and looking for new ways to change. This time, Qimai Data, together with 98 NextWorld Awards winning brands, landed on the big screen in Times Square, New York, the United States, to ignite the future with the light of science in front of the world and to step on the extraordinary road of mobile Internet.

In the future, Qimai Data ( will continue to select representative products/enterprises and interpret the trend of mobile development based on professional data analysis and keen industry perspective, to enable mobile developers and Internet enterprises to go overseas and gain growth with the three pillars of “Data, Service and Traffic”.

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