Author Sergio Diaz takes young readers into immersing and enjoying stories of the old scriptures in “Jemmy and the little spider of Hope”

December 13 12:54 2021
An excellent book to gift this holiday season, “Jemmy and the little spider of Hope” takes readers into the journey of a mischievous little mouse and his friends – complete with old scriptures that make the book more exciting and appealing.

Author Sergio Diaz’s remarkable book “Jemmy and the little spider of Hope,” a fantastic story to read to kids, especially during this Christmas season, is now available in leading digital bookstores worldwide. 

The story revolves around Jemmy, a mischievous little mouse that finds a tiny spider, bright as a star. The small spider has a mission to accomplish, and Jemmy is more than ready to assist her and help her fulfill her purpose.  

The journey starts in a temple, with an evil rat minister and hundreds of roman rat soldiers set to stop them at all cost. The adventure then continues in Egypt, with a beautiful green lizard pharaoh and a baby falcon god. 

In the end, Jemmy and his friends will witness an event of utmost importance – the birth of a very special star. With enticing artwork by the author, the book will have children immersing and enjoying stories of the old scriptures once again, like the kings and wise men of ancient times. 

“These are ancient times. Kings and wise men are searching the sky because the stars are predicting a very special night,” Diaz writes. 

In a review on the leading e-commerce platform Amazon, JC, one of the book’s first readers, said he really enjoyed reading the book. 

“It is kids friendly, but grown-ups will enjoy it as well. It has a well-structured plot with great details that helps the reader understand it better. This is a fabulous story to read to our kids, especially during this Christmas season. I definitely recommend this book. You will not be disappointed. I would like to read more stories from this author (Sergio D.) Hopefully, there are more books coming after this one,” JC wrote in his review.  

A long, long time ago, Diaz was about to choose the cleric life over matrimony and family. He opted for the second. Since then, he has been a passionate advocate of children learning the traditions and the parables of the old scriptures. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “Jemmy And The Little Spider Of Hope” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. As the holiday season inches closer, “Jemmy And The Little Spider Of Hope” serves as an excellent gift for young and adult book lovers. 

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