Brittany Dixon Just Shared her Workout Routine and it’s Awesome

December 10 17:43 2021

Brittany Dixon is a rising voice-over artist, TV host, actress, and wellness enthusiast on YouTube and social media. She posts a variety of different exercise and nutrition-based videos. Collectively, her YouTube videos have gained over 1.5 million views helping people with their fitness goals from Atlanta to Brazil.  Additionally, she creates easy-to-follow cooking videos giving her audience healthy recipe ideas. Making a good thing better is what she regularly does. Many of her exercises are inspired by everyday living or “functional fitness”, created to strengthen your daily activities like walking upstairs while carrying groceries or picking and placing down heavy objects properly. Her focus and control on her body have inspired many to make their lives better and healthier.

Brittany’s favorite types of workouts is H.I.I.T (high-intensity interval training), strength training, and yoga. Her workouts are quick and effective, lasting about 15-20min. Her recommendations have been useful to many people around the globe, but we all want to know how she stays motivated to work out regularly. Today we’re sharing her motivation secrets plus her workout tips. Yes, we know Brittany Dixon’s workout routine, but now we are going to get up close and personal on how she stays motivated and consistent with her routine. If you want to know how Brittany Dixon stays lean and fit all year long, you need to read this article till the end. So, without keeping you waiting, let’s take you through Brittany Dixon’s workout routine and motivation tips.


So, right out of the box, we want to tell you that Brittany is a huge fan of weight training. So much, she became a bodybuilder competing in the NPC bikini division in 2015 and competed at the National level in 2016. Although she doesn’t compete anymore, Brittany still incorporates weight training in her workouts using less weight and more repetition to create lean muscle mass. Her workout videos, mainly focus on home workouts using bodyweight exercises with little weights. Occasionally you see Brittany use kettlebells and dumbbells to add extra resistance to her H.I.I.T routine and/or strength training. She demonstrates the importance of added weight for an effective workout. 


Brittany follows a plant-based diet. Her meals consist of whole fruits, veggies, oats, grains, herbs, nuts, and seeds… pretty much that was grown from soil and sun. She avoids dairy, eggs, and red meat, but will occasionally eat fish pizza topped with mozzarella.  Although she is not vegan, Brittany enjoys and cooks many vegan meals. Her favorite snack too much on is trails mix, green olives, and dark chocolate. Not at the same time of course! Brittany shares the importance of a well-balanced diet is the key to staying lean and healthy. Without a healthy nutrition plan, it will be difficult to reach your fitness goals. Brittany posts cooking videos of vegan recipes to promote increasing your vegetable consumption. Vegan or not, Brittany has yummy healthy meals on her channel and social media for all to enjoy!  Follow Brittany on Instagram @iambrittanydixon and subscribe to her Brittany Dixon YouTube channel.


As a former collegiate athlete, you would think running would be her main focus. In fact, cardio is Brittany’s least favorite type of workout. Knowing it is a crucial part of fitness, she’s created fun ways to power through her cardio sessions.  She treats her cardio workouts like a game.  Especially running.  She makes small goals to reach larger goals. Breaking down her runs, moving from object to object without stopping.  Singing songs in her head to keep her mind off running and focus more on the rhythm of her feet, almost as if she were dancing. She keeps proper form yet stays nice and relaxed. Arms never cross her chest, pumping an up and down motion to propel her forward with each step. Staying hydrated is crucial to reducing fatigue and cramping.  Brittany makes sure to drink water 2 hours before her run or the night before, and she eats some natural carbs like an apple, and before 1 hour for quick energy.

Light stretching before running is a must for Brittany. It helps with mobility and warming up the joints to prevent injury. These quick stretches and warm-up help Brittany get ready for long runs and support her post-workout. Depending on the day, Brittany will either run 1, 3, or 5 miles. Post running, Brittany cools down with a brisk 3-5 min walk, and 10-15 min of stretching followed by a 4 min ab routine. Her favorite post-workout snack to eat is a banana, the potassium helps with muscle soreness and reduces cramping.


Total body workouts are great, but spot training helps strengthen and grow muscles that often get left out when exercising. Targeting the gluteus maximus during your workout is important for leg and hip strength. We use our glutes daily for the simplest things like walking, sitting, standing, and climbing stairs. Our glutes are the powerhouse muscle that propels us to move in all directions including jumping and kicking. Brittany knows having a tone glute is more than just looking good, it’s needed for our daily functionality.  You can find on her Insta and YouTube channel many workouts targeting the but in a variety of variations, modifications, and combinations for all fitness levels. Although her workout are mainly bodyweight exercises, she doesn’t hesitate to add resistance like dumbbells, kettlebells, resistant bands, and an exercise ball. These fitness accessories are among Brittany’s favorite and highly suggest added to any home gym and workout.

Her go-to exercise when targeting the glute are fire hydrants. They strictly focus on working the glutes while isolating the glute forcing the muscle to work harder and more effectively.  Brittany shares lots of variations of the fire hydrant exercise that can be performed in the gym or in the comfort of your living room using little to no equipment.


Her abs workout focuses more on the core, moving in multiple directions, front to back, side-to-side and twisting movements. These multi-directional exercises target not only the abs but the obliques and lower back.  Utilizing more range of motion tones and strengthening the abs and mid-section much faster than doing crunches alone. Brittany mentions, adding lower body exercises to your workouts, such as squats and high knee, works the lower abs, which can be challenging to hit. Some of her favorite core exercises to target the abs are reach-backs. She demonstrates this exercise in one of her many fitness videos. Sitting on a yoga mat, both feet flat on the mat, lean back slightly at a 45-degree angle. Extend your arms out in front at shoulder height, lightly pressing your hands together. While twisting to the right, extend and reach your right arm behind you, tapping your right hand to the floor. In a controlled motion, twist back to the starting position, and complete on the left. Brittany suggests doing 10 on each side for a total of 20.

I hope you all have enjoyed her workout and nutrition tips. We are so glad that she shared them with us to use in our daily lives. Brittany encourages everyone to be their own body goals, and never compare themselves to anyone. She believes we are all unique, and genetics plays a huge role in our physic. What matters most is living a healthy lifestyle and sharing our experiences with others to help those around us.  If you enjoyed the article, please like and share this article with your friends and family for workout ideas and motivation.

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