KOTAK: Tips to save money for a wedding

December 10 21:33 2021

A wedding may be one of the biggest days of our lives. It is the landmark from where you start on a new journey in your life. Something stands out about Indian weddings – a jam-packed, bright, multi-day event loaded up with sumptuous style, mouth-watering food, dance, and heaps of family members you have never under any circumstance even met! Anyway, regardless of our weddings being enjoyable to design and join in, there is no getting away from the feared wedding budget. It is nothing unexpected to hear that the expense of an Indian wedding has nearly multiplied over a couple of years and while you and your accomplice would cherish that day to be about you, we realize that is not going to occur. 

Wedding planners may agree there are some contributing variables to these expanding costs. There is a rising prominence for couples picking marriages at an exotic location, couture wedding wear, pre-wedding photoshoots and not to fail to remember the way that customary hens and stag parties are currently transforming into the end of the week-long gatherings or abroad excursions. How couples decide to move toward their weddings has taken an emotional shift from the times of recruiting your nearby local area corridor not too far off to gigantic capacity settings in inns, resorts, grape plantations, and even castles. Everything is with regards to the ‘wow factor and making something enchanted for yourself, however for your loved ones too. 

Indeed, it is valid. Planning an Indian wedding does not come modest, and it is hard to stick inside the budget. Few couples frequently need to look for financial help from their folks or plunge into their own savings accounts to take care of expenses. However, your ideal day should not need to be a financial battle.

Make home your venue for small pre-wedding pooja’s and ceremonies

Your pre-wedding festivities do not need to be preposterous and over budget. In any case, it might be astute to welcome just your dearest companions and family members. On the off chance that your home is too little to even consider holding an occasion, have it at a companion’s or alternately family’s place or an exceptional scene. Look for help from your family members and companions to work with the stylistic theme and in case need be routine schedules. However, if your home can accommodate the number of people you need for functions like haldi or mehndi, it will turn out to be the best idea that sits under budget.

Keep the records and open a savings account

Make a bookkeeping page to separate the costings, buy an organizer, or a notepad to write down the budget. This will guarantee that your mental stability is under control and that you are not squandering superfluous cash. Utilize the organizers to keep on top of your budget and monitor store due dates too. Your trusty cell phone likewise has a schedule beautiful! 

Set up wedding savings account assuming that you are aware of your budget and spending. You can also opt for digital bank accounts and proceed with the same through online banking from any place of your comfort. You can put away a limited quantity of cash for the big day. It does not make any difference the amount it is, simply recall that a limited quantity goes far. If you can keep away from it, do whatever it takes not to depend on the credit card that you own.

Choose local vendors for decoration and catering

Intercity or abroad wedding providers are constantly going to charge more for travel, time, and transport. Nevertheless, we are in support of picking quality providers thus in case there is a merchant whose work you love, do not think twice about it. Tell them your budget consistently.

Save on that wedding cake

Except if you are the kind of person who has consistently longed for the epic ten-tier wedding cake, keep away from this progression. Our idea is to request that your cake decorator plan a cake that is large to serve the number of visitors joining in. For instance, if 250 to 300 wedding guests are present at the function, a 2 to 3 tier cake ought to be adequate. Cupcakes are turning out to be progressively famous as well and may work affordable for you.

Wedding Invitations

Before we go on further, full regard to wedding writing material creative designers out there who go through hours on making delightfully planned invitations. By and by, recollect that we have various occasions to cover in an Indian wedding, which means heaps of data to cover on the invitations! 

Why not make a wedding website curated just for yourself? Have your proper greeting, yet save money on costs, by including all the quick and dirty subtleties like guides, bearings, transport, and convenience on your wedding website. The excellence of it is that it does not need to cost a thing! Send your visitors an ink to the website on the greeting and gather their email addresses. Does it sound like challenging work? Delegate the errand and the tasks to your best friend or relative.

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