Eileen Mendel, Founder of The Balanced Millionaire Announces Rebranding and Refocusing to Serve $1 Million Plus Growing Firms

December 10 15:50 2021

For over 16 years, Eileen Mendel, The Balanced Millionaire, WWW.TheBalancedMillionaire.com, has been consulting and coaching businesses to move from 6 – 7 figures.  Clients learn proven strategies to gain momentum, build profitability, and avoid wasting hard-earned money.

Coming from a technical and business background; a combination relevant to many of the fastest-growing companies, she served as CEO of her own firms as well as in senior management positions for small, mid-sized, and larger firms (Fortune 500). 

“Eileen Mendel opens up a higher level of inner strength and oneness with the Business Executives and Entrepreneurial Dynamos that she works with. Her processes are geared to match purpose, desire, abundance, and gratitude with a work/life balance that allows you to build and enjoy the legacy of your dreams,” states client Steve M. Thompson, Business Growth Expert and Founder of Guru International.

Mendel helps her clients to solidify and embed their internal core values, mission, vision, and long-term strategy into every aspect of their firm creating a rewarding and engaging workplace that attracts and retains the best employees.

According to Mendel, “We are always striving to bring the latest and best-proven practices to our clients to amplify their success.”

With a track record of working with VCs and Boards of Directors, her former company published five seminal books for the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.  Mendel has been a speaker at several conferences and workshops on business development and growth.

Mendel is currently seeking clientele that she can use in case studies for a publication that she is working on.

About Eileen Mendel

Having achieved a Master’s in Business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Eileen’s major was in Marketing and International Business.

She is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey’s Life Solutions, was featured on NPR, The San Jose, and San Francisco Business Journal. A speaker for UCSD Women in Business, she hosts her own Podcast “The Balanced Millionaire”, in addition to being a featured guest on numerous Podcasts related to business growth.

About The Balanced Millionaire

The company is focused on helping Innovative Technology Leaders, product and/or service providers, who want to expand a business that has been operating for three or more years and truly want to invest in themselves and/or their employees.

Expected results of working with The Balanced Millionaire include creating a dynamic plan to grow business, new ideas, increased productivity, higher revenues, and sharing with a like-minded community.

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