Female-Led NFT Project ‘Rogue Pandas’ Is Going Live On 21 Dec 2021 At 21:00 UTC

December 10 15:46 2021
Female-Led NFT Project ‘Rogue Pandas’ Is Going Live On 21 Dec 2021 At 21:00 UTC
Rouge Panda is bringing the exclusive feature of integrating gaming den Metaverse to the NFT Spaces. It is going to be live on 21 Dec 2021 at 21:00 UTC

The Rogue Pandas, a new NFT project built on the Solana blockchain, is the next big thing in the NFT space. The project aims to bring something exciting into the NFT space by incorporating gambling, gaming and enabling investors to generate passive income in its NFT.  In addition to this, the project has crazy giveaways to NFTs holders. All these things are missing in the current NFT projects.

The team is integrating Gambling metaverse, which will be a decentralised virtual gaming den that will earn NFT owners a passive income. The income distribution is transparent, with 50% of the income generated from the gaming den distributed to the NFT holders. With a myriad of income-generating activities in the metaverse gaming den, a lot of revenue will be generated for Rogue Panda NFTs investors.

Rogue Pandas project is comprised of 7,777 randomly generated pandas from over 350 carefully designed assets. The distinct and authentic Rogue Panda NFTs combines rarity, beauty, plus many other properties and accessories never seen any other collectibles seen before. From the background, panda types, eye traits to bodywear, these NFTs are super unique. The team has also designed NFTs with special traits, including helmets, crowns, dumplings, underwater helmets, and samurai helmets crowns, and much more, to make the rarest NFTs in the market.

Each Rogue Panda NFTs will be minting at 0.777 SOL. The team is ensuring transparency in the NFT minting, which has been a major issue with previous NFT projects. All NFTs are available at the same price for all investors. There will be no price tiers. The minting is starting very soon, and the most exciting thing about the upcoming sale is the giveaways that come with it.

According to the Rogue Pandas roadmap, all NFT holders will be eligible for the attractive community rewards offered during the sale. At 25%, ten token holders will receive a free NFT., while at 50%, NFTs holders will have their NFTs doubled and also be rewarded 1X free Mutant Panda for every 1X Rogue Panda in the wallet.

The project is going live on 21 Dec 2021 at 21:00 UTC

To learn more visit https://linktr.ee/RoguePandas or send an email at [email protected]

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