Survivalmag Merges with and

December 09 19:24 2021
Survivalmag Merges with and
“ has merged with and in the aims of building up a portfolio of outdoors-oriented content websites.”

NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 9, 2021 – Robert Brannon, together with Survivalmag, is pleased to announce that has merged with and in 2021 as the first two acquisitions with the aims of building up a portfolio of outdoors-oriented content websites.

Robert Brannon has been working for a few years to help people become prepared and overcome any emergencies they might encounter in their lives and give them the peace of mind of knowing that survivalmag have the best gear available on the market. is merged with to expand their audience and enjoy consolidation effects from the additional viewership to their contents such as tough watches, tactical gear, prepping skills, guides, outdoor gear, and self-defense skills and guides.

Earth changes (quakes, hurricanes, etc), and strange weather are rising, and there is a result and a basic root cause of why. The incoming 10th Planet, 12th Planet, Wormwood, Nibiru, Hercolubus, the Red Dragon, the Red Star, the Destroyer, or Marduk will shift the earth’s poles shortly.

Some people have observed that a pole shift is in their near future, and they wish to share what they have found that could be valuable knowledge to have at hand to assist survival. is for those that want to improve their chances for survival after the coming pole shift.

The information on this site is used for personal education or to improve the survivability of the coming pole shift. It is intended to assist in surviving the primitive situation that would exist after a pole shift of the order of near extinction earth-changing event.


Robert Brannon started his prepping journey more than 10 years ago, served in the military, both home and abroad, and currently works as a consultant for private and governmental organizations. His interest in self-reliance started small. But then it grew into knowledge that can help at least one more person become more prepared & self-reliant.

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