Mental health counselor Andrea Hanson brings a game-changing approach to the mental health industry

December 09 14:53 2021
Out to become the therapist she was never able to find, leading mental health counselor Andrea Hanson now leads the way in helping individuals escape the confines of mental distress shifting lives to be grounded in wellness and self-love.

Leading counselor Andrea Hanson leads the charge in revolutionizing the mental health industry by utilizing techniques aimed at targeting sub-optimal neural-functioning and retraining the brain and body to be aligned on every level. 

“In the last decades, talk therapy has hugely targeted thoughts and behaviors in attempts to change everything necessary for mental wellness. However, research has shown us that this method is backward,” says Andrea.

Andrea laments that while mental health is getting the public awareness it warrants, the mental health field is not giving what the world needs. Talk therapy and mindset coaching has not been effective, and healers need to help individuals escape the confines of mental distress and lead lives grounded in self-love and self-trust. 

Andrea says the body and lower regions of the brain should be the center point, with talk therapy being woven into a larger tapestry.

Connie Pertula, an entrepreneur who has been in the financial industry for 21 years and consequently served the technology sector for another 12 years, turned to Andrea for coaching after she felt the “lack of empowerment” in her overall life after the death of her mother, who was a significant part of her.

“I was fearful of heading down to this path of just being numb and not embracing life,” shares Connie. “I also become somewhat of a hermit, and going through the grieving process also had an effect on me.” 

Connie said Andrea helped her “define and focus on what was really happening” on her mental health.

“What I appreciated with Andrea is not only did she empower me, but she empowered me with me. And to make more sense of that, it’s great to have mantras to say or affirmations to say. But when you actually get somebody to take you back over your timeline…it was almost reclaiming parts of myself that I had maybe forgotten about or didn’t honor,” Connie said.

Alicia Patterson, a somatic psychotherapist who worked with Andrea, said not having any structure around her expectation was really helpful. 

“My only expectation was to be held in a professional, responsible, loving, kind, and skilled place. All of those were met. That’s kind of foundational for me,” says Alicia. 

Alicia lauded Andrea’s “blend of different tools and lenses” and “fusion of the body-based piece, the visualization piece, the eye movement piece, and all of those things.”

“There was a lot of skillfulness around the blend of different tools, and I could feel the nuanced extensive experience and what it takes to hold something like that,” she adds.

Upon completing an associate’s degree in criminology and victimology, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Andrea joined a cohort of eight for a three-year master’s degree in educational psychology and became a licensed clinical mental health therapist. Andrea is devoted to providing the most effective care possible, investing in every specialized training opportunity available, experiencing healing rituals from different cultures, and avidly reading peer-reviewed research, she combines her intuition, personal and professional experience, a mosaic of rapid healing techniques and psychedelic facilitators like ketamine.

Andrea says her goal is full mind-body integration wherein thinking, feeling, and doing align effortlessly. She has led the revolution in the mental health industry by taking individuals through years’ worth of therapy over just a few weeks, leaving them free to live their most incredible life. 

Those who want to learn more about Andrea Hanson may visit her website for more information. Individuals can also book a discovery call to get started right away.

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