Airbnb Uncovered Helps Airbnb Hosts Go From Side Hustle To Enjoying the freedom of Entrepreneurship

December 09 14:36 2021
By adding automation and systems to their hosting businesses, Airbnb Hosts can now scale effortlessly, work less and quit their day jobs.

December 9, 2021 – Matt Caissie, the founder of Airbnb Uncovered and a top-rated Airbnb Super Host in Toronto, Canada, has created a proprietary program for existing hosts who want to scale their Airbnb businesses so they can quit their day jobs and enjoy the freedoms that come with entrepreneurship.

Matt is currently the host of a growing YouTube channel where he shares practical tips and information for Airbnb hosts. Matt is now going deeper in his training and revealing the concrete steps required to scale from one or two listings on Airbnb to four to eight.

Existing Airbnb hosts are learning how to implement automation and systems into their Airbnb businesses. So that they can confidently add more units to their portfolio without sacrificing quality, cutting corners, or being overrun with the increased workload that comes from operating 4+ units. Hosts who work with Matt and his team at Airbnb Uncovered are able to do all this without compromising the personalization that has made their Airbnb businesses so amazing thus far.

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In fact, in his training, Matt provides hosts with even more tools to make their guests’ experiences even more enjoyable. Matt often hears from his guests that his Airbnbs are the best they’ve ever stayed in and he is sharing his exact formula so that others can now achieve the exact same results.

Matt’s current students are making real progress and are well on their way towards doubling their property counts. They are continuously surprised with just how easy adding automation and systems to their hosting businesses is and how big the impact will be in both time savings and higher earnings.

Shockingly, now, during the pandemic is a great time to invest in short-term rentals. That’s because a record number of people are ready to get out of their homes and travel – be it across an ocean or just a few hours’ drive from home – people are ready to experience the world again. Unlike the travel industry in general, Airbnb has seen incredible growth over the past 6 months as people look for safer ways to travel. More guests are choosing Airbnbs over hotels thanks to their private entrances, full kitchens, and sanitized environment over busy lobbies and crowded elevators inside hotels. Airbnb’s growth is also perfected to endure over the next few years.

About Matt Caissie

Matt has hosted nearly 3,500 guests in up to as many as 11 properties at once, he’s qualified for Super Host status for the last 6 consecutive years and was identified by Airbnb as a host in the top 1% of hosts in Canada. He has earned well over 7 figures on Airbnb. He founded Airbnb Uncovered to share his learnings and help other hosts achieve the same extraordinary results he did.

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