Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Introduces Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatment

December 08 12:54 2021
Dr. Mark Craig and the Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team serve the greater Tupelo, MS area.

December 8, 2021 – Dr. Mark Craig and the Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team believe not every body contouring procedure needs to involve a scalpel. The scientific advancements behind the Evolve platform, an innovative system designed to shape the body’s curves through radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energies.

The human body shape is molded by fatty tissues, muscle tone, and the tightness of the skin. Evolve works on all three fronts to give Dr. Craig’s patients the best in non-invasive body contouring technology.

Evolve Trim is responsible for reducing the stubborn fat that obscures muscle definition and the body’s natural curves. The 6 hands-free applicators are affixed to the patient’s treatment area, where suction pulls the skin in to deliver RF energy directly to subcutaneous fat, slimming it to a more flattering layer.

Evolve Tone impacts the muscle layer with electromagnetic stimulation to create effective involuntary muscle contractions designed to build muscle strands and improve muscle mass for better definition and tone. These newly toned muscles are more than aesthetically pleasing; they increase patient strength and stamina to make workouts more effective and help patients maintain a sculpted, cut physique.

Evolve Tite’s thermal RF energy also interacts with the skin using the manufacturer’s Acquire, Control, and Extend (ACE) proprietary technology. Skin is tightened at the same time the fat is treated, so patients experience smoother, firmer skin over a thinner layer of fat.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to undergo liposuction and its subsequent recovery period. Now, patients don’t have to resort to surgical procedures to achieve the figure they’ve worked hard for in the gym. Both energy types are safe for nearly anyone, making Evolve the ideal body contouring trio to achieve incredible results. Evolve, however, is not a weight-loss treatment, so patients who see the most satisfying results are at or near their ideal weight.

Evolve treatments are as fast as a typical workout, and side effects are similar to how a workout feels, with muscle fatigue and a little warmth or tingling. These do not inhibit most people’s schedules. A series of weekly appointments for 6-8 weeks in a row can achieve fewer unwanted bulges, stronger, more visible muscle tone, and smoother, firmer skin in 8-12 weeks.

Invasive surgeries aren’t for everyone, and Dr. Craig believes in offering alternatives to his patients wherever possible. The Evolve treatment platform takes non-invasive body sculpting to another level, giving patients the option of achieving their aesthetic and fitness goals through science and technology. Surgery is a big undertaking for most patients, and Dr. Craig wants his patients to have all the options at their disposal. That is why the Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team is thrilled to bring the Evolve platform to Tupelo, Mississippi.

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