Divine Botanicall Offers Live Bonsai Kit

December 07 23:06 2021
Online Plant Store Launches Live Bonsai Kit Complete With Growing Essentials.

Divine Botanicall is an e-commerce website offering a wide variety of ornamental plant products since 2018. The online shop’s newest product is its live bonsai kits that feature live Procumbens Nana plants. The kits include all essential items needed to grow the bonsai trees, making them ideal for beginner and semi-experienced gardeners.

The bonsai tree kits are available for purchase as single trees or in sets of two or four. The Procumben Nanas range from 1.5 to 2 years old each.

Together with the actual plants, the bonsai kits come with advanced nutrition soil with Mycorizzhae, plastic bonsai pots along with biodegradable cow pots, bamboo plant markers, organic perlite, decorative pebbles, slow-release granular fertilizer, and liquid feed fertilizer.

The rich inclusions of the product give customers great value for their purchases, according to the Divine Botanicall team. “Best value when buying plants online!” they said.

To ensure the healthy growth of the bonsai trees, the store carefully selected advanced nutrition soil for the kits, containing organic perlite and peat moss. It is infused with mycorrhizae, a beneficial bacteria that boosts plants’ health and enhances their ability to absorb nutrients. On the other hand, organic perlite improves soil drainage. The key to growing bonsai plants.

Moreover, the items are available at different quantity options which are aimed to lessen the risk of losing plants altogether.

More information about Divine Botanicall and its plant products are found at http://www.divinebotanicall.com/.

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