General Liability Pushes The Market Further With A Series Of New Insurance Policies For Small Businesses

December 07 17:10 2021
General Liability Pushes The Market Further With A Series Of New Insurance Policies For Small Businesses
These days, you can take an insurance for literally anything. You can insure your legs if you are a footballer or you can insure your brain if you are a genius. Other than these unusual policies, there are a plethora of other options – some of them are mandatory, such as third-party car or home insurances, yet it depends on where you live.

New York City, NY, USA – General Liability has begun its venture as a business insurance provider operating all over the USA. Established in New York City, the brokerage agency is now covering customers from all states. It is specialized in business insurances only and it covers pretty much any field you can think of, from accounting and advertising to carpentry and landscaping.

General Liability has gained popularity with its low quotes, but also with its constantly growing list of policies. Over the past weeks, it has introduced the so-called commercial umbrella insurance – the type of service that most insurance companies fail to provide. Basically, any company on the market can be subject to wrongdoing or negligence. This is what the commercial umbrella insurance protects against.

In a world where more and more individuals try to take advantage of businesses – with or without an actual reason, General Liability provides the support required for a well-deserved peace of mind. The policy covers the commercial general liability, commercial auto liability and workers compensation or employers’ liability, so it is suitable for both small and large businesses.

According to a spokesperson, “We have managed to gather together a series of different policies under one umbrella only. We know most businesses will try to keep their insurance policies to a minimum. Some of them are mandatory though. Instead of pushing for a bunch of different policies, we provide a commercial umbrella insurance policy that covers most issues associated with businesses. This is only one of the latest additions to our portfolio, as the list is longer.”

About General Liability

General Liability has been established as a general business insurance provider. Overtime, it has diversified its offer, providing access to insurance policies in close to 100 industries. The recent commercial umbrella insurance policy is one of the latest additions to the company’s portfolio of over 25 policies. To find out more about it, go to

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