Featured Project of the Week: SIDUS

December 07 16:22 2021
Featured Project of the Week: SIDUS
SIDUS HEROES is the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and MMORPG game.
SIDUS transports players to a world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy in which a major technological transformation has taken place.


SIDUS: NFT Heroes is a new play-to-earn, NFT, and role-playing game that is set to challenge top-caliber video games and establish new benchmarks in the blockchain gaming industry.

SIDUS: NFT Heroes retains classic NFT gaming characteristics such as a DAO community and in-game item NFTization.

The game also addresses issues pertinent to the blockchain sector, such as poor content quality and a dearth of compelling narratives that captivate gamers.


SIDUS: NFT Heroes is a play-to-earn game, which means players are rewarded for playing and advancing through the game by acquiring ownership rights to in-game objects.

The game takes this a notch higher by providing a closed economic structure based on resource scarcity. The system is powered by two distinct types of resources: non-renewable fossil fuels and renewable biological resources.

Many of the issues of the traditional and blockchain gaming sectors are addressed by the convergence of these characteristics. SIDUS Heroes employs a player-driven economic framework that provides numerous advantages to the players.


SIDUS Heroes is a compilation of 6,000 distinct NFT avatars produced by NFT STARS in collaboration with more than 200 modern artists from the international NFT256 group.

The SIDUS Heroes initiative is the most extensive partnership in the NFT domain. The vast number of creators participating in the collection guarantees that each Hero is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

SIDUS Heroes is the first-ever blockchain video game to incorporate WebGL into its technical design.


SIDUS Heroes will evolve into a play-to-earn metaverse with NFTS as the in-game coin, which is the native token of the NFT STARS marketplace.

Its P2E mechanics are based on the concept that players create value for other players as well as for the developers, in exchange for which they are rewarded with in-game assets and NFTS coins.


The closed beta version of SIDUS HEROES will be launched on January 10, 2022. This version is only available to owners of NFT Heroes NFTs from the Genesis collection.

On January 23, 2022, the team will release a public beta version of the game. At this point, owners of NFTs from the Genesis and Academy collections will be able to play SIDUS Heroes.

The Academy collection will go on sale in the middle of December this year.

The public IDO is scheduled for the first two weeks of December, with the TGE following in the middle of the month. The IDO Launchpad will also be announced.


SIDUS Heroes is supported by cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, NFT, complex mathematical algorithms, and WebGL.

The game developers have been working on its WebGL-based technology for three years to reach the best quality of graphics and detail for each platform.

According to Dan Khomenko, CEO of SIDUS Heroes, advanced technology combined with breathtaking scenarios make SIDUS HEROES a one-of-a-kind NFT game.


SIDUS has a firm grasp on its ambitions and what it wishes to accomplish in the gaming world.

The game seeks to establish itself as the ideal investment option for consumers by providing in-game economy features like land plot allocation.

Additionally, the dual token and NFT Hero staking will enhance its functionality and offer more affordable pricing than its competitors.

SIDUS is a solid concept with strong support from some of the biggest names poised to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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