Breaking the Banks by Solving the World’s Hardest Math Problem

December 06 21:03 2021

The brilliant mathematician – Alan Turing, is credited along with his team at Bletchley Park, for breaking the Enigma codes during the Second World War. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stated that the codebreakers made the single biggest contribution to the Allied victory in the war against Nazi Germany. During the war, encryption of secret messages were a matter of life and death, whereas in our modern peaceful applications, it is more associated with a matter of privacy and commerce. Our interconnected world relies on encryption for the simplest messaging tasks to the most complex of financial transactions amounting to trillion of dollars of global trades. Cracking the Enigma codes may well have delivered wartime victory, but breaking modern encryption will have an equally major worldwide impact on humanity.

Dr. Leong Ying, is a Chinese American (and British) nuclear physicist, and Creator of Our Collective global alliance. Perhaps what he is most controversially known for, is his claimed to have scientifically proven the existence of GOD, as published in his manuscript of the same divine titled name. His latest published research article entitled Breaking Semi-Primes Encryption, may well make him the greatest codebreaker since Turing.

Dr. Leong Ying (physicist and mathematician)

On the subject of decoding secrets, the Bible Code is a set of mathematical algorithms developed to decode purported messages embedded within the 3,500 years old sacred Hebrew biblical text of the Torah. Applying these deciphering techniques, the decoded prophecies of KLYSTAR was revealed to appear twice in the Torah alongside GOD. Dr. Ying new scientific foundation relates to the Twin Universe model (from which he discovered the Single Omnipotent Consciousness), and his new mathematics based on advanced number theories. Relating to his religious beliefs, are the KLYSTAR prophecies. To celebrate his 60th anniversary at the end of 2021, Grand Master Tyrone Bullock and superstar Aaron Paul will release the KLYSTAR Music Album, and to coincide with this historically significant moment, the documentary movie The Man Who Met GOD, will also be produced by writer and director – Andrea Wen.


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