Alan Ferris – The Upcoming Artist Everyone Needs To Know About

December 06 20:21 2021
Alan Ferris - The Upcoming Artist Everyone Needs To Know About

At the young age of 11, Alan Ferris got his first taste of what it was like to work in the music industry. Working with some of the biggest names in Germany, Ferris was able to shine as a ghost producer with these artists. Even though he was young, Ferris was showing serious potential with music production.

Fast forward 10 years later, and now Alan Ferris is the one recording songs. This young artist has excelled in the music industry and his experience working behind the scenes taught him everything he needs to know to turn a track into a hit song. Over the past year, Ferris took time to record and release his first track “Oh Na Na”.

Alan Ferris celebrates music career milestone

Producing music was something that Alan Ferris was very passionate about, however, he always dreamed of being the one to perform it. Working in the music industry taught Ferris a lot about what it takes to become a success as an artist. He is now ready to take that journey as he releases the track “Oh Na Na”.

“Oh Na Na” was recorded under the German record label PYRO Records. It is now available on all streaming platforms, so people all over the world can listen to this talented artist. This German dance-pop song is catchy with a feel-good vibe. It’s one of those songs that people can listen to when they’re hanging out, driving, or even dancing in the club.

The feedback Ferris has received since the release of his first song has been positive. Fans all over the world can’t wait to hear what he is going to put out next. 

Keep up with Alan Ferris

While music fans eagerly await Alan Ferris’ next hit song, they can keep up with him on social media. Ferris leads an interesting life, as he is the only artist in his nation to sign with a major European recording label. Alan Ferris has not toured. His song has been played on radio stations in the following countries Germany, France, and The Netherlands.

Ferris is also very active on social media. He enjoys keeping his followers updated on what he’s doing and interacting with the people who support his music. Alan Ferris premiered “Oh Na Na” for the first time on the great Chilean radio station RadioActiva 92.5 FM.

However, these days he is more focused on his music. For anyone who wants to learn more about Ferris, they can follow him on Instagram at

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