Custom-Fit High-Performance Mouthguards are the New Standard Thanks to TruFIT Customs’s Precision 3D Technology

December 06 15:42 2021
With TruFit Customs, all athletes now have access to hassle-free custom-fit sports mouthguards & more, made possible through the power of 3D technology!

We all remember the days of the rushed boil & bite procedures moments before practice. The courage we all had biting down on a hot piece of half-melted plastic with the expectation that it would actually fit and not fall out nearly every play.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, it always ends the same way. We endure the season chewing on a slab of indented plastic that is unlikely to be worn if the referees aren’t looking.

But, this has been the drill. As athletes, we have come to expect and accept the consequences of mouthguards. We will endure the discomfort & limit our breathing and communication in exchange for some protection. However, why have mouthguards remained extremely uncomfortable, bulky, and a constant hindrance on performance.

Well, believe it or not, a 3D technology company called TruFit Customs, has finally propelled mouthguards into the 21st century. TruFit Customs sports mouthguards are made with the athlete’s expectations in mind, “Protection without consequence.” As a 3D tech company, they focus on the quality of fit by utilizing the latest laser-based 3D scanners & printers to create a medical-grade guard that is unique to each individual.

Their process is fairly straightforward; they send you an impression kit, you mail the impression back in their prepaid mailer and they deliver a custom-fit mouthguard to your door. While the whole process can be completed in as little as a week, the quality of custom-fit is worth the wait. Plus the company digitally stores your impression, so you have future access to premium custom-fit mouthguards, delivered to your door, with no additional impression required.

It is worth mentioning that TruFit Customs products don’t stop with sports mouthguards. They use their laser-fit technology to additionally offer custom-fit retainers, grinding guards, & whitening trays. Furthermore, they will be launching high-performance & lifestyle custom-fit insoles as early as summer 2022.

All-in-all, TruFit’s custom-fit mouthguards are on another level compared to traditional products on the market. And while many professional athletes have access to expensive custom-fit products through their team dentist and medical staff, TruFit makes these same medical-grade products available and affordable for all athletes. Not to mention their custom-fit guards are even more affordable when bought in bulk!

Whether you are fed up trying to breathe with an amorphous piece of plastic in your mouth or want to experience the edge a slim high-performance custom-fit guard can offer, then check out TruFit Customs. With their premium American-made quality, on-demand service, and wholesale prices, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option.

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