Bluegrass IV Therapy – The New Name in Mobile IV Therapy in the United States

December 03 06:42 2021
Bluegrass IV Therapy - The New Name in Mobile IV Therapy in the United States
The launch of Bluegrass IV Therapy is a disruption to the medical sphere of IV therapeutic services, which would see persons living Owensboro and Louisville, KY enjoy mobile IV therapy and hydration

IV stands for ‘intravenous’. By definition, IV therapy is a delivery method of medication and fluid containing vitamins or minerals via an IV drip or injection through the veins. The mode of administration of the IV therapy or hydration, which is through the veins, is to the end that the therapy moves quickly through the bloodstream.

In times past, IV therapies were administered in hospitals and clinics or dedicated locations. But today, Americans can now have access to IV therapies without visiting hospitals. This is now possible because Bluegrass IV Therapy is committed to providing mobile IV therapy for Owensboro and Louisville, KY.

With its mobile IV therapy initiative, Bluegrass IV Therapy aims to provide optimal, on-demand healthcare experience and continuity of care to relieve clients’ discomfort and aggravated symptoms with specialized IV therapy. The Bluegrass IV Therapy team comprises medical professionals who know the importance and benefits of proper hydration, which is why they have built their business on expert knowledge, tireless hard work, and a serious commitment to customer service.

Scheduling an appointment with Bluegrass IV Therapy is easy as going to their website, by phone or SMS. In no time, a Registered Nurse from Bluegrass IV Therapy will be sent to the home, office, or hotel the request was made from, and the treatment typically takes between 30-45 minutes.

Some of the IV therapies offered by Bluegrass IV Therapy include:

  1. Myers cocktail
  2. Hangover recovery
  3. The wildcat
  4. Custom IV
  5. Dehydration relief

The treatments by Bluegrass IV Therapy helps to solve a variety of health issues, from migraines, hangovers, to exercise hydration and food poisoning.

For more information on Bluegrass IV Therapy and its services, please visit or send an email to [email protected]

About Bluegrass IV Therapy

Birthed from the desire to catalyze an evolution to mobile healthcare delivery, Bluegrass IV Therapy was founded by the quartet of like-minded partners. It was established in Owensboro, KY, on April 15, 2021, with services targeted towards being the foremost mobile hydration provider and an active advocate for joint health and wellness.

With its team of highly professional licensed registered nurses, Bluegrass IV Therapy remains relentlessly dedicated to promoting joint health and wellness while delivering safe and rapid medical-hydration relief therapy services.

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