Marble Coffee Table In The Living Room

December 02 14:30 2021

The coffee table is one of the essential and minimal furniture in the living room. We always have a lot of ideas when choosing, or require large capacity, or like high value, different living room sizes, and the pursuit of coffee table design. Different. Today we will take a look at the high-cooled marble coffee table in the living room and feel the sense of home design.

1. Combination Marble Coffee Table


The marble coffee table in the living room that can be combined freely is separated into two small side tables. The combined use has a more powerful storage function. The flexible design makes daily life more casual, just like the marble pattern on the surface, which is not affected by the pattern. Restrained. The height of the table top can prevent items from falling, and it is more intimate inside.

2. Simple marble coffee tableIf the storage needs at home are large, you can choose a double-layer coffee table, an open space, and the storage pattern can be changed by yourself. The simple marble coffee table, with a rounded oval table top, takes away a touch of high coldness, leaving a classic charm of elegant and white, embellished with gold, and the visual texture is very high.

3, storage marble coffee table


It is more suitable for a coffee table for storing small things in the living room. The drawer can be put in a remote control or a box of paper towels to avoid clutter on the desktop. Marble and solid wood materials collide with a touch of metal luster. Although the coffee table is small, every detail speaks of exquisiteness, which helps the high-value living room and creates a homely style.

4, light luxury marble coffee table


The angular coffee table base and the sleek and delicate coffee table top have a combination of rigidity and softness. The design sense not only comes from the shape, but also reflects in the material. The smooth and delicate marble surface is wide enough. After laying a carpet, you can sit directly on the ground, read a book on the coffee table, and taste tea.

5, iron marble coffee table


The unique texture of the marble coffee table in the living room is shown from those unique free textures. We can confirm this high-cold charm with our vision. With the iron bracket, the temperament is improved. The simple and compact design does not have extra storage. The material space is more suitable for small apartments, which does not occupy space and is not empty.The marble coffee table in the living room is a different kind of high-cold design, which can create a more fashionable home atmosphere, which is very suitable for you who like personality.

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