A Brief Guide about Finding the Right Toy for Children

December 02 14:22 2021

Easter holidays, Halloween, school holidays or birthdays, Aosom offers games and toys for children and the whole family. Here people will find everything their child needs to spend the best time of his life, regardless of his age.

Finding the right toy for children isn’t always easy. To help people choose the right toy for their child and make him really happy, here is Aosom’s little guide.

Which toy for which child?

0 to 6 months:

From day one, babies need to develop communication skills and play with their senses through waking activities and exploring the world for them to develop and develop. Grow. Help the baby wake up with a play mat. People start wanting to discover the world. Thanks to the play mat, people are calmer in the event of a fall, it does not hurt.

From 6 months to 12 months:

Focus on juggling games. Focusing on manipulative games for children is essential at such a young age so that they can focus on their development. When babies start sitting, crawling and sometimes even walking during these years.

1 to 2 years:

Now also in one of the most important growth phases. It’s time for children to take a walk and enjoy the growing process! Baby will love anything that moves like a rocking toy. They also like to pull toys on the end of a rope. It is also the age to play with blocks and create shapes with people’s imagination. Playing on the sand is becoming one of the most popular pleasures.

Another large part of this age group mimics their surroundings. Children begin to understand simple stories and the movement of daily activities.

2 to 3 years:

Your baby will now develop fine motor skills. The children’s bicycle, balance bike or tricycle will become baby’s best friends when they start developing their fine motor skills and still need parents’ help. Baby will learn to coordinate his movements. Our bike will allow children to work on their balance so they can learn to ride later in life. Learning to ride with a balance bike is ideal from 2 years of age.

Now they have to move too and release their energy. Baby will give off steam when pedaling. At the same time, baby train and train their muscles and better coordinate their range of motion.

From the age of 2, children will want to ride a scooter. Prefer a 2-in-1 model with 3 wheels for added stability. It’s a great way to learn balance and coordination.

Now the baby are taking all the big steps and all the decisions on their own and nothing can stop them! Pretending is the big game at this age. Now, they prefer to play with other children, which is much more interesting … Especially since the child now plays with other children and not just alone. They can work together on a workbench or play with the children’s kitchens in the dining room. Even if the games take place outdoors, then we prefer to drive the electric cars like mom and dad or the slides for the first slides.

From 3 years:

From 3 years old is one of the stages. Now they start to take all the important actions and decisions on their own. Nothing stops them ! Not only do they begin to interact with other children and appreciate the social aspect of growing up, but at this point they also begin to emulate those around them.

If children sees their parents cooking or crafting, they’ll want to emulate what looks great with our kids kitchen toys. In a kitchen of this size, the little chef will mimic parents’ gestures by turning pots and pans, whether or not he identifies with parents or not and wants to continue that connection by mimicking parent’s routines. They thus prepare them for a step-by-step entry into the adult world.

Another imitation that parents want to encourage is to drive a car. Our electric car toys have a smooth and comfortable ride with extra wide tires, seat belts, lockable doors and wheel suspension for maximum safety for children. The electric children’s car starts at low speed, which means that the child can react to unexpected situations in due time. Make them feel safe and give them freedom.

Your child will continue to discover our large selection of 3-wheel scooters before switching to 2-wheel scooters around the age of 5.

From 5 years:

The trampoline is the kind of activity that children will enjoy and tire of in their favor. It’s the perfect outdoor game.

Start introducing children to music with our selection of children’s musical instruments. People can develop a musical ear with an electric piano or with our built-in MP3 cars. They can even have their own small piano like the big one parents have at home. Accompanied by a microphone so that they can practice singing for happiness.

For those who are even bigger, Aosom offers foosball, poker and multi-game tables. Multi-game tables are the perfect way to never get bored. All in the same session, the children can easily switch between games, making sure they never get bored. If they also invite friends, all their activities will meet and keep them busy for hours. These activities are somewhat physical and are preferable to long hours of sleepy watching TV and video games.

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