New-age NFT project to allow holders to co-own real estate in Metaverse and earn passive income

November 30 02:48 2021
Meta Tycoon is a revolutionary NFT project that enables NFT holders to co-own real estate land in Metaverse.

November 29, 2021 – With the concept of Metaverse fast gaining ground, a rising number of big corporations are jumping into the space. One of the latest names to join the bandwagon is a revolutionary NFT platform. Titled “Meta Tycoon”, the NFT platform will enable its NFT holders to co-own real estate straight on Metaverse and earn passive income.

Technically speaking, Meta Tycoon is a 9,999 generative artwork NFT collection where every NFT artwork stands out with its own unique traits. What keeps the platform ahead of the curve is that the Meta Tycoon NFT holders have the innovative advantage of co-owning real estate in the Metaverse (such as Decentraland, Sandbox, etc.) and enjoy profits from the rent/sale of real estate. The profits will be sent to the holders in the form of USDT. Holders will just have to pay a fraction of the price to be able to co-own a diversified real estate portfolio in the Metaverse. 

In addition to it, the NFT holders will enjoy exclusive membership benefits as Meta Tycoon Club Members. 

“Facebook’s recent inclination to Metaverse has pulled in more attention to the futuristic concept. Today, we have a growing number of elite brands, such as Disney, Visa, Nike, etc. vying for space in the Metaverse scene. Put simply, the world is gradually gearing up to embrace the cutting-edge concept of Metaverse and there could not be a better time to invest in Metaverse”, stated the leading spokesperson from Meta Tycoon. 

Meta Tycoon is a breakthrough initiative by a team of seasoned real estate investors and professionals, backed by decades of experience in the real estate industry.  

“As experts in the real estate world, we believe we have a great opportunity before us (the real estate community) right now to make the most of the rising interest in Metaverse. We have plans to make an early entry in the futuristic space and purchase potential land parcels which could witness a dramatically high growth in value in near future, as the Metaverse expands. It’s such ethos that inspired us to launch the Meta Tycoon NFT project and enable our NFT holders too to co-own real estate with us in Metaverse and generate high ROI in the coming years.” 

Meta Tycoon also just acquired a piece of land very near to JJ Lin (Famous Asia Singer and Songwriter with more than 4.6million followers on Instagram) land parcels in Decentraland. 

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that they would distribute 70% of the profits generated from any sale/lease/flip of real estate in the Metaverse to all Meta Tycoon NFT holders. 30% of the profits will be sent back to the community wallet, to empower the growth of the Meta Tycoon’s portfolio.

“We assure fair distribution of profits for all our NFT holders.” 

Exclusive perks for Meta Tycoon Club Members – 

  • Co-ownership real estate in the Metaverse
  • 70% profits fairly distributed to all holders
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive Metaverse events
  • Access to exclusive Metaverse merch & 3D models
  • Digital membership card
  • Physical metal membership card
  • Access to exclusive discord channels (with crypto signals, real estate tips, & more)
  • And more

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