Next-gen NFT marketplace Conjee introduces affordable NFT marketplace for physical NFTs

November 30 02:42 2021
Conjee is offering a complete NFT suite that allows users to issue NFTs, take part in auctions, and trade NFTs.

London, England – November 29, 2021 – A new breakthrough NFT marketplace, Conjee, is all set to wage a revolution in the NFT space. The platform is dedicated to help connect physical products to metaverse and extends the unique advantage of trading NFT tokens supported by real-world physical items. Unlike most of the marketplaces that usually charge high gas fees, Conjee assures low gas fees, enabling affordable exploration and experimentation for creators.

$CONJ, the native token of Conjee, is already on private sale- 50% of the token has already been sold out in less than a week of the launch. After the completion of the sale, Conjee has plans to list the token in LaToken Exchange on November 29, 2021.

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from Conjee shared that they are developing a new-age NFT ecosystem and creative studio on Binance Smart Chain which is both sustainable and scalable. The Conjee team is backed by some of the esteemed names in crypto art, entertainment, and fine art. Artists participating in Conjee will be able to sell both physical and digital arts, either paired together or separately. Conjee also allows artists to create their own custom landing page as well as list their goodies using the in-built platform tools. 

A major factor that keeps Conjee ahead of the curve is its unique “all-inclusive” platform. It’s the FIRST-of-its-kind to extend services encompassing the complete NFT lifecycle.

“Our NFT marketplace is the FIRST platform ever to cover the entire NFT lifecycle”, stated the spokesperson.  

“Whether you want to issue NFTs or take part in auctions, or trade NFTs, you will be able to conduct all these from our one single all-inclusive NFT platform. In other words, we are offering the complete NFT suite that presents the whole range of products required to manage the entire NFT lifecycle.” 

The Conjee NFT Suite comprises of – 

  • NFT mining – users will be able to stake NFTs as well as mine rewards
  • Auctions – Users will be able to carry out NFT auctions based on Conjee’s guidelines
  • NFT Marketplace – Users will be able to trade NFTs at Conjee’s native NFT marketplace.

Top features of Conjee –

  • Convenient trading – Users will be able trade directly and leverage or stake with confidence with other Conjee users through automated smart contacts hosted on the cutting-edge BSC.
  • Advanced performance and low gas fees – Operating on BSC, Conjee is able to assure highly secured and ultra-fast transactions while also assuring reduced fee for the users.
  • Liberty to choose its own preferred format – Conjee believes in flexibility and allows users to list all kinds of content types, ranging from 3D models to 2D images to music albums to internet domains to pictures.
  • Greener NFT marketplace – Conjee banks on state-of-the-art BSC consensus mechanism (composed of hybrid dPoS and PoA technology) that is more eco-friendly compared to traditional PoW. 

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