Latest Pool Design Trends and Technologies in Australia – From the Experts Themselves

November 30 01:54 2021
Latest Pool Design Trends and Technologies in Australia - From the Experts Themselves

Over 2.7 million Australian households have pools in their backyard and now that two-thirds of Australians are staying at home and the summer months are fast approaching, many saw the value of having a pool in their property even more. 

Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia shared the latest pool design trends and technologies to help homeowners looking to elevate their outdoor lifestyles. 

Installing a swimming pool is a fun and enjoyable experience with a pool builder helping make the best decisions from day one. The process requires detailed planning, sourcing of raw materials, taking accurate measurements, and implementing the plan step by step. Moreover, homeowners also need to figure out the pool design that would look best for their houses. Fortunately, Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia is highly respected for working smoothly and collaboratively in bringing visions of vibrant pools to life. 

Circular pools are now the most popular pool design in Australia. They break the linear lines that hard landscaping creates. Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia can install a raised circular pool where the wall of the pool will act as its fence.

When it comes to pool fences, glass isn’t the only option that Australians have these days. According to the managing director of Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia, Remonda Rose, there is a rising trend among homeowners to install steel pole fencing around swimming pools. She says, “Steel pole fencing isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, we can curve and shape the steel rods according to how the clients want them to look. In fact, we even colour the steel to give the fence a contrasting effect. At Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia, we design steels to be as thin as possible to ensure that the fence gets the maximum opening.

Apart from the thickness of the steel, its colour also plays a crucial role in contributing to the pool’s overall aesthetic. Many homeowners are going for colours that suit the surrounding paving tone, thus allowing the fence to blend with the landscape in the background. 

Remonda also adds that they have a demand for pools that come with a tanning ledge. The shallow ledge area gives users a chance to enjoy a glass of champagne after swimming. In fact, it’s also the best place for relaxing the feet when people don’t want to immerse themselves completely in the water.  

About Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia: Blue Haven Pools and Spa – Australia has spent close to 50 years building pools for families across Sydney with over 100 years of combined experience and 350 industry design awards under their name. With over 70,000 pool design awards won, they are recognised as Sydney’s most innovative pool builder who loves helping everyday Australians own a pool easily by capitalising on technology thus breaking down all the barriers. 

In 2020, they made history by being the first company in the world to give consumers the opportunity to buy their concrete pools online from design inception to construction completion. To avoid consumer reluctance in buying pools online, their CEO Remonda Martinez also worked with an AR company to give homeowners a 3D new technology that allows them to immediately see for FREE how a pool or spa would look in their backyards without a consultant having to visit on-site. 

Blue Haven has led the way in pool design and construction since 1973 and with core values of innovation, diligence, and integrity, they are ever-evolving and always relentlessly working in pursuit of excellence to help Australians bring their vision of a vibrant pool to life in the most seamless and stress-free way possible.

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