Door Stopper Manufacturer Cheong Gu Metal Enters the US Market

November 30 01:42 2021

Cheong Gu Metal, a practical and high-quality hardware development company specializing in die-casting development and production automation systems, has recently decided to enter the US market after solidifying its position in the domestic market amid the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Cheong Gu Metal is promoting its entry into the US market in earnest by selling its products via and registering trademarks in the US based on its accumulated technology.

Recently, the eco-friendly industry, which has grown rapidly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has been steadily growing around the world. With this rapid industrial change, Cheong Gu Metal is also jumping on the trend of the eco-friendly industry. Cheong Gu Metal has completely changed its production method from conventional plating to an acrylic baking coating method that is eco-friendly, salt-resistant and durable. The most notable change brought by this change in production method is the ability to produce various colors. This has greatly expanded the range of consumer choices and diversified options for consumers.

The company’s representative door hardware products manufactured, using the baking coating method, are one-touch door stoppers and magnetic door stoppers.

The one-touch door stopper has been launched in 8 colors, including chrome, gray, gold, brown, dark gray, black, antique brass black, and copper black, after previously being limited to between just 1 and 3 colors. But it’s not just the colors that stand out. The anti-vibration stopper system, for which Cheong Gu Metal possesses the original development and manufacturing technology, is applied to the one-touch horseshoe. Consumers can easily hold the door open or release the hold with one-touch operation, and it can be adjusted by up to 8mm by simply rotating left and right without the need to use any tools. It is easy to use even on an uneven floor, and even when rubber is worn, it can be adjusted directly by the consumer without using a special device.

The magnetic door stopper is made of zinc alloy, which has excellent durability and is non-corrosive, allowing for semi-permanent use. It is a product that anyone can easily and conveniently install anywhere on the wall or floor, and it also has a built-in spring, making it excellent for buffering and preventing damage.

Cheong Gu Metal says, “We will be implementing various marketing strategies so that we can solidify the position of our certified technology for which we have completed registration of design and multiple patents.”

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