Easy User Test brings a game-changing tool that makes user testing easy for marketers, designers, and product managers

November 30 01:30 2021
Providing an instant-competitive advantage, Easy User Test unveils a web-based user-messaging testing tool that lets designers and managers conduct remote user testing of any HTML interface on any internet-enabled device.

Leading Switzerland-based company EasyUserTest has unveiled a game-changing tool that enables designers and managers to evaluate their products or services with real users, allowing them to create human-centric products.

“User testing is extremely critical in the design process. During UserTesting, your users access the features, functionality, content, and — crucially — the user interface of your development. They will utilize the solution in a similar way they would in a normal context, executing actions and exploring the app, product, website, or service from a goal-oriented point of view. That’s where Easy User Test comes into the picture,” says Fabio Duo, founder of the company.

Duo says this external point of view makes user testing essential, as it empowers marketers and designers to step outside of their own development mindset and obtain precious user data. 

Easy User Test has been making waves in the industry with its innovative user testing tool that offers the simplest way to test text and design. It features a RemoteTesting solution that administers message testing for websites, ads, and email copy to present data on how an audience understands a text and design.

Easy User Test offers a wide array of advantages through validating text & design decisions with real users that can help businesses in the long run. The benefits include a fresh take on an app, website, or product, a thriving resource of quantitative and qualitative data, and task-specific data that tells product managers how well and how quickly users can reach intended outcomes.

User testing also provides direct user messaging data that can be used to improving a product, application, or website. Duo says it is a cost-effective mode of testing for a business through user testing providers and focus panels. It is also a game-changing innovation that businesses can easily deploy for a future app or product development processes.

“Given all of this, Easy User Test has led the way in delivering the real voices of each business’ most valuable potential customers, letting them adjust their web content, marketing assets, and email text before sharing them with the world,” says Duo.

Easy User Test provides a simple three-step process to help product managers, marketers, and designers get the most from user testing.

They can use the Easy User Test platform to upload a screenshot of their UI, send a URL, or select any specific area of their app, product, or website for testing. Afterward, the Easy User Test team works with many different testing panels to give customers the most diverse set of results possible. Designers or marketers have to select the panel to use for their test. 

After choosing the focus panel, real-life users will test the interface or the content and messaging and apply their own experience and approach as they deliver quantitative and qualitative answers.

Those who want to get started with Easy User Test may sign up right away or learn more about the web-based user-messaging tool by visiting the website.

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