Grace Lim’s ‘Think and be THIN’ takes the #1 best seller spot on Amazon in two categories

November 30 01:24 2021
‘Think and be THIN: The 12-Week Mind, Body and Eating Plan’ by weight loss, health, and wellness coach Grace Lim is celebrating its success as the #1 best seller on Amazon in two categories: sport reference and health reference.

Think and be THIN: The 12-Week Mind, Body and Eating Plan explores the concept of the mind-body connection, guiding readers to conquer the self-limiting belief systems that prevent them from achieving their weight loss and life goals.

“There are so many diets out there promising everything from quick weight loss to everlasting youth. The sheer amount of advice is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. Or which weight loss programs really work,” says author Grace Lim.

“Like many people, I’ve tried just about every weight loss diet and weight loss workout plan on the planet,” continues Grace.

“Far from helping, my chronic dieting left me feeling uncomfortable, depressed, and fatigued. It affected my mental, physical, and emotional health. Ironically, it was hitting this low point that awakened me to the power of the mind-body connection.”

This shift in thinking was prompted by Grace’s knowledge of nutrition, the psychology of eating, and neuro-linguistic programming, helping her to shed 22 pounds, and most importantly keep it off for more than two decades.

“I learned that your mind and innate instincts play a significant role in creating your ideal body. Losing weight is not about willpower or self-motivation, it’s about delivering precise messages to your mind that encourage your body to be leaner and stronger. It’s about listening to your inner wisdom, craving nutritious foods, and burning your body fat with the right weight loss exercise, like a naturally thin person.”

“Grace Your Body, Grace Your Life”, says Grace Lim. Although she specializes in weight management, her main aim is to assist people in regaining control and live the life they truly deserve. 

Think and be Thin’ is a 12-week plan to transform the body from the inside out. It is packed with Yummy Unprocessed Meal (Y.U.M) recipes, and tips for choosing real food, from farm to plate, to nourish the body as well as Hybrid HIIT workouts that will help you combat stress and tone up in 10 minutes a day.

“My book teaches you how to use the power of words to pass the right message to your mind, train your body to act in a way that matches your thinking, and shift self-limiting beliefs, so you can change your body effortlessly.”

“Most importantly, ‘Think and be THIN’ can help you build a positive relationship with the foods that support your health and develop a compassionate relationship with yourself because as long as you are at war within your body, it’s impossible to be at peace with yourself and food.”

“Everyone is equipped with the power to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and still be lean, strong, and confident. You are in control. You can upgrade your overall health. Why not jump start your success with my Think and be THIN transformation blueprint?” says Grace.

“My wish for you is to be informed and to know that there are resources out there to help you feel like the best you,” says Grace passionately.


Grace Lim holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Safety from University Malaya in Malaysia and studied the Psychology of Eating at Harvard Extension School. She is also a Certified Nutrition Coach, Human Resource Development Corporation Certified Professional Trainer, NLP Certified Practitioner, and member of The Center of Mindful Eating, USA.

Reach out to Grace for online courses, individual coaching, group coaching, and corporate talks, training and workshops.

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